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Last Activity:
Nov 4, 2018
Apr 13, 2014
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Fortifying my position
Internet historian, veterinarian and armchair psyc

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My will be done, from Fortifying my position

Omegagoldfish was last seen:
Nov 4, 2018
    1. Superteletubbies64
      Did you realize Roll to Dodge is back?
    2. Schade
      "For you want the crown, I see it in your eyes, your posture, your clothes. You were born trying to kill your father, like any good Prince. "
      lol, I like hos extremely wrong he is.
    3. Schade
      You think i can mortally wound Callidon, and then Mon's character heals him?
      He did, after all, just assault the royal siblings. He's lucke he won't just be executed. lol
    4. VampirateMace
      Two things about your last post in the RPG, 1 - I assume the person on horseback is supposed to be my char (but he's only just now heading out of the city), and 2 - RPG posts need to be 200 words (where your's is just under 150).
    5. Fairfax
      Eliteknight picked up our match! You can squad when you're ready.
    6. Minedreigon
      Thank you! :]
    7. Eliteknight
      Hi Omega just letting you know that you're able to challenge Gym trainers, check them out in the gym subforum of asb!
    8. TrottingMinccino
      Just a reminder, you're up here.
    9. Eliteknight
      if both you and Trot order i can possibly get a round or two in
    10. Eliteknight
      dont forget to private message me your squad of 2 pokemon and their orders for the doubles match
    11. Eliteknight
      Hi Omega, normally you will need to post in the ref queue once youve accepted a challenge however i will take on the match as ref :)
    12. Eliteknight
      Ive taken your open challenge the thread should be up soon, good luck :)
    13. Beautiful Savage
      Beautiful Savage
      Hi! Welcome to ASB! If you need any help getting stuff sorted out, I'm more than happy to show you the ropes!
    14. GX Prodigy
    15. GX Prodigy
      GX Prodigy
      I'll let you know when it's up. Connor might VM you as well.
    16. GX Prodigy
      GX Prodigy
      Great, I found a referee as well. Delete your post from Open Challenges.
    17. GX Prodigy
      GX Prodigy
      Also, can we make it singles?
    18. George~©
      Hi! Welcome to the PASBL, hope you find some fun here and stick around. A couple things: You've only got 6 pokemon in your squad so far, which means that people with larger squads will be able to pick around you and plan better. I'd advise you bump up your total starting pokemon to the allowed 15; don't worry if you decide you don't like them, at level 1 you're able to change your squad as and when you like without having to level them up, since you're at the lowest level any way.

      Also, I've seen that you want your first match to be Doubles/Realistic. I'd advise against both for your first battle anyway, but bare in mind you can have up to 4 battles across both forums (If you haven't heard about UPN you can find it here). Realistic battles can only be picked up by B grade or higher Referee's at the current time, so you have less chance of someone picking it up. It can also leave your pokemon with injuries that stop them being used for a number of battles proceeding (up to 3 usually), and baring in mind you only have 6 pokemon currently, it would severely limit your squad. Doubles is also slightly more complex, but not as much as realistic.

      I'd advise a 3v3 singles slapstick as your first battle, and see where everything goes, although the choice is up to you obviously. Either way, hope you enjoy your time here!
    19. GX Prodigy
      GX Prodigy
      You sure you want your first battle to be realistic? If you are then, I'll take it up. I've never fought realistic before so we'd be on an even playing field
    20. Sketchie
      *muffled sobbing from the corner*
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    Fortifying my position
    Internet historian, veterinarian and armchair psyc
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm the Omegagoldfish. I consider myself an intellectual, but that's really all. Ask me anything you want, I'd be glad to answer to the best of my abilities. I have an amateur interest in rocketry and orbital physics, a more advanced understanding of forensic science and psychology, and I am rather well versed in biology, chemistry and history.

    Too many.


    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I lay down my weapon, and watch it rust.