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  • yo, i'm only mia til school starts in a couple days. i'll be back, like before, i will fight the fight and win the war!
    Nah. Didn't really go poking around.

    However, I did watch a couple of rumor videos/articles, and that was enough. I'm willing to examine some supposed "leads", but i'm not willing to go trawling down there. Not worth the risk.
    Never mind. The deep web is still scary.
    Although my reaction has changed from a logical fear towards something resembling sarcasm.
    Okay. I've been watching some top-10 lists of creepiest channels, and videos and none of them come close to that... thing.

    As in no reaction. I think that the one we saw blows everything else out of the water.

    Jumpscares are pretty much the only thing that did ANYTHING, and even those, they need to be "Charge the screen screaming" sorts of things.
    Question: How the heck did disco survive?

    Seriously, I wrote it entirely as a joke, entirely upon the corruption of the hook: "They weren't ready. Noone was ready. It was impossible to be ready. FOR THE MIGHT OF DISCO."
    I'm almost entirely certain that the creators of those videos are not human.

    The reacts video by pewdiepie speculated that the videos were being churned out by an automated system, using the same framework and just randomly importing assets.

    My other theory is that this is a culture study by either aliens, or ancient evil demons.
    Yeah.... I haven't seen sketchie online for the past while.

    And yes, I was indeed freaking out. It reduced me to just sputtering at the computer for several minutes. That has never happened before.
    Protip: I don't get notifications if you put visitor messages on your own profile, and the conversation string does not follow through.
    I found it in a reacts video. Author of the video had to call in backup to handle the sheer wtf.

    They got to skullcopters and rainbow hulk riding a mickey mouse pez dispenser before they descended to madness.

    Anyhoo, I think this is too horrifying for sketchie's virgin mind.
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