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  • I'm interested to know what their story line will be about. I'm hoping for something like BW1 Team Plasma.
    I realized that I was in the minority and not in the majority. I also realized that I was angering other users. My fear of being disappointed with another league loss for Ash is mostly why I was supporting Alain. Everyone did made valid points but I was blinded by fear of disappointment to accept them. Finally broke through that though and decided to join the majority instead of remaining in the minority.
    Hey, look I'm really sorry about before. Sorry that I annoyed you with my posts. After looking back and thinking carefully about what others said, I realized that I was going about this the wrong way and I decided that I shouldn't stop supporting Ash because of previous experiences. You and the others made excellent points and I was too foolish to see it. I guess I was afraid of future disappointment. Anyway, sorry again about what happened.
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