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  • I can't help w/ parents right now... super busy... but I might be able to help next week.

    What HP is 31/31/31/31/30/31? You'll want to see if you can find a halfway decent HP to attach to something if it's not flawless. Remember - you're not settling for 2nd best, although you might settle for best "obscure set". :)

    If you don't have a good shiny spread, don't do shinies. :p A shiny is nice and all, but it's also a dead giveaway that you're either a newb, or using RNGed guys - and while bluffing NEWBISM is cool, having a solid team sort of suggests non-newbism.

    Didn't I trade you a flawless male w/ extreme speed?
    I recommand cloning a shiny egg for all of them, yes. :)
    I strongly suspect there'll be several sets of Murkrow egg moves that will be useful. The only question, I guess, is what natures will go best with Evolite/pre-evolution stone.

    Meanwhile Moxie will want Adamant/Jolly natures.
    Dragonite - needs Extreme Speed, you're right!
    Murkrow - Roost + Brave Bird seem the most promising; however I don't know if Mirror Move would be priorty on a Prankster Murkrow... this would make for some interesting options...

    Note: Whirlwind is decreased priority... however, there's a chance it becomes "normal priority" on a prankster (I'd have to look it up) - this might be a really interesting prankster option, since if you have a fast Murkrow, and a normal-priority whirlwind, you can stealthrock your opponent's team to death in theory...
    Generally speaking, shiny trades better than non-shiny, so if you can get a shiny flawless jolly or adamant Dragonite, you can clone the egg, then hatch a shiny on yours, and a non-shiny on another game. I recommend doing this for all of them.

    Note: Make sure to make everything female if possible. I already have an adamant (I think) male Gyarados, so I'm looking for female :)

    I suggest making several versions of each - Jolly and Adamant Female Gyarados, Jolly, Adamant, and Naive/Hasty? (Mixed) Dragonite (preferably with a useful Hidden Power... HP ice isn't that good on a dragon, but something else...), and probably Adamant and Jolly murkrow.
    I've cloned you a copy of Dratini, Murkrow (prankster -> something less cool), and Magikarp (as in Moxie Gyarados!).

    Waiting for your FC.
    Okay, I'll clone a copy and meet you online.

    Use my white FC 1334 7033 2830

    I'll need your FC though.

    PS - I'll clone a few more DW guys I'd like you to RNG as payment - trust me, they'll be worth it! I don't need redis rights of your stuff right now (especially since Smogon's trade is still not up GRRR)
    Well, if you've got some stuff to EV, let me know. I can probably EV the other stuff too... in exchange for some credits/BPs or something.

    If I'm gonna EV something, I'll want to know it's IVs, and what EV set/moveset you want it to have. I should be free today if you want.
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