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  • Hello fellow HeatTagshipper and Kouhei fan. =D How's it going? I noticed you updated with your last chapter. Review yours if you review mine? Kidding, you don't have to, but I'll definitely get around to reviewing yours. =D
    I know what you mean~ I go back tomorrow :<

    Aw, don't feel bad! It's not too late! :D I just posted a brand spanking new topic. It's a cute one~
    Awwww, I have a bad stomachache which is rather mean. >< OMG I WANNA WRITE SOME HEATTAGSHIPPING! Like a oneshot or something. Yeah, that's what I'll do. =D

    I hope your cold gets better!
    MEL-GIRL INVADES THIS PROFILE! I'M GRADUALLY GETTING MORE HEATTAG IN MY FIC! *dances* Especially since I updated yesterday. XD

    How are you?
    Yup, Kouhei is one of my fave characters (after Hikari, Shinji, Shigeru and Satoshi I think, but hey, top 5! That's still good, right? =D LOL, I could've claimed Kouhei, but I'm a lame Kiba fan who wanted to claim Kiba as meh bishie. XD

    Have you seen Bulbapedia's new HeatTagshipping page? It may have been up for a while, but I only noticed today. XD Haha, Kouhei's always popular everytime he appears. You should've seen the anime forums when he first debuted in the Japanese eps. I loved him since then. XD

    I wanna write a HeatTagshipping oneshot. Like some sorta shout-out to the nerds, I dunno? It'll be tough to write it as Kouhei's a creeper and Hikari, while she's impressed by his knowledge, is a tad uneasy around him at times. But dang, we need more HeatTagshipping! Kouhei should like bump out Nando and be like, "Hell yeah, I'm Hikari's rival. Take that b*tches!" And Nozomi and Kengo will be like 0______0

    Maybe Kouhei should just replace Brock and be a travelling regular. ^____^
    You have good taste. You'll know what I'm refrring to by my review for your fic. XD I shall friend you. =DDD
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