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  • Why couldn't it be a day? D= Well if I don't get Wishfulshipping, I still have Reshi and Zeko... Lol, Reshi and Zeko... Then there's also Dawn and Barry, and yeah. Still plenty more.
    Since you weren't really clear about it in the rules (I only noticed that today when I looked at the first few posts), could I please get at least a reserve for WishfulShipping? Sorry
    that would not be me, sorry. check out the movie the usual suspects to find out where I got the name (also kaiser is my last name)
    Your request is finished. Feel free to let me know if you'd like me to change anything. Feedback is appreciated and don't forget to give credit.
    Yeah. I honestly don't like clouds, and where I live the storm had no wind at all. The only reason I was outside was because I had to get some groceries.
    I don't know anyone from maryland.

    I don't live near the coast, so it's usually a little hotter and dryer over here. I didn't trust that storm yesterday, humid wet and still, it's never like that.
    But Your writing IS good. I Really Like Unova, Eff Yeah! I mean, I posted something I wrote, then deleted it. You should post it here, because you could become a very well known fanfiction writer on SPPF and the Net. I have faith in you young one! Plus, SPPF could REALLY get a dosage of Ferriswheel and Chess Shipping fics around here. Plus, I would remember to review your stuff! Hopefully I won't forget! oh, and btw, I don't like Yaoi that much, But of your fic that you posted here was really good. Please please PLEASE post your stuff here! :D
    Hello Obscurity! I have a question; Do you post your Fan-Fiction here? I was wondering, because i cant hit up FF.net on my school laptop, and my DSi is broken. :( and, i really enjoy your writing.
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