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  • I did, and I went crazy up front. It was one of the best performances I've ever gone to go and see.

    And Angles is an awesome listen.
    Go. That's just awesome. They're playing with Handguns, right? Handguns is an awesome band if you've never listened to them before. Kinda like Taking Back Sunday meets current pop punk. It's nice music.
    Oooh I know exactly where that is. : D Its about 20/25 minutes from here. Pretty nice place, if I recall.

    I haven't been to any of them in years, its quite depressing, really. I'd love to go back to the science center and art museum one of these days. D: Once the weather warms up, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is always an awesome place, and with the new Elephant Exhibit almost finished, it should be pretty nice.
    Oooh, what school? :V I know people pretty much everywhere, so.

    Its...okay, I suppose. There's not much to do, unless you're into the arts (the orchestra, museums, etc), and other than that, there's Tower City for shopping, and...well, I think that's it. :V Between a lack of things to actually do, as well as the strange weather patterns, no one really likes it here.
    Hmmm, I never realized there was another fellow Clevelander up in here. :V I knew Ethan was originally from Ohio, but I was unaware of others.
    quality, I agree with this decision fully
    it has been a while, unfortunate consequence of the completely-understandable forgetfulness to install msn.. if it wasn't preloaded on my laptop I may have forgotten too x.x
    broski.... quality users mars girl and myself were curious as to your lack of presence on msn
    we seek quality thuglums to converse with about various subjects
    good I a leader of a clan here (point to sig)

    hope u like your dare I gave u (was going to give a different one but i decid not to as u might not know the character in the shipping as they were in Movie 13)

    what u up to
    thank yooooou! HAHA

    ;P but hehehehe I had fun. thanks. <3
    If you just suddenly grew up and dropped all childlike guises in a single day, I would question your sanity. Glad to hear your day was so wonderful, anyway, wow!
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