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  • Just FYI, Meltan already debuted in the animé, you incorrectly listed it in Pokémon to debut in the Debut Thread.
    Grats on shiny poipole but I should tell you for the future that synchronize works 100% on story gift Pokémon if it is your first Pokémon in party,
    Yeah that's how I see it going down too most likely we will see the backstory of Rumple trapping Elsa in this episode. Today we found out that Elizabeth Lail is Anna and Scott Michael Foster is Kristoff now we have to wait and find out who is going to play Elsa and Olaf and I am also hoping that we get Prince Hans too because it would feel so complete if they added him into the show as well. I also think they should have their parents in one of the backstories and we see that Rumple made the storm that killed them because all this stuff that happened to them will be because Rumple needed it to happen to lead up to the curse.
    yeah I know and it's also because they both spent time in Neverland and time doesn't move there either. Josh Dallas tweeted tonight that he has finished reading the script for season 4 premier but he didn't give us any hints about what's going to happen
    After reading your point of view about it your right Emma dose need someone to help take the pain away and it might as well be hook because he's gone through so much hell as well in his life and since both of them where so close to Neal being together can help both of them come to accept his death.
    yeah I know but I am not to worried about it because Regina will have Robin Hood in the end because pixie dust never lies. I know I watched an interview with Lana Parrilla where she said that and I cant get over that they even kept the cast in the dark about doing Frozen. The other thing that bugged me about the end of season 3 is how fast Emma got over Neal's death and is now with Captain Hook.
    I know it is so addicting I just got into it in the middle of May and watched all 3 seasons in one week and then I went out and bought the first and second season on Blu-ray. Now I am dying for season 4 to start
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