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  • PS: I finally discovered how to register on my site, you just have to go to Members and then click on the +Join Site button. If you're already a member and want to log in you have to do the same but once you clicked on the +Join Site button and go to the page to register then above the thingie where you have to input your information it says "Already a member? Sign In here", just click on the "Sign in here" link and you can sign in, I'll still try to find an easier way to register or log in V.V;
    It was no big deal ;)
    (no worries, I'm nearly never on-line anymore so I should be the one excusing myself)
    Of well, lately there've been lots of ups and downs: I got my first boyfriend but one of my friends is also in love with him and tries to steal him from me (on his b-day I wanted to go to his party but she said it was cancelled which was a lie and I believed her, she did that to me because she wanted him for her alone, I accept it if she just talks with my boyfriend or anything in the "justfriends" position but making up excuses to be alone with him makes me really angry). Then, yesterday was my brother's b-day and he got a scanner as one of his presents (now I can finally scan my traditional pictures and put them on the internet =D and yes, I use him in my advantage xP). And in three days I'll be going on vacation to Ibiza, I love Ibiza, last year I also went there, best vacation of my life... Except for maybe that day when my whole body was itching the whole time ^^; )
    I also created my website on freewebs although it's still under construction and I only have 1 member for now (I just made it yesterday) but I like how it's going, the biggest part is already made =) the only problem is that it's kinda difficult to know where to register or log in, it's a bit confusing but as soon as I discover how it works I'll make it more easy to find. If you're interested in joining go to www.fictionpedia.webs.com (I hope that advertising my page doesn't break the rules V.V; ), I would really like it a lot if you joined but it's up to you of course ;)
    And how about you? Anything new??
    haha (it's actually spelled neighbours but it doesn't really matters, it's a difficult word)
    Well actually not, I only share internet with my lil bro and my parents and I think that's the cause because for example if I'm the only one of the family on the internet (which nearly never happens) the internet's okay but if not (which happens a lot) it's terribly slow, so..

    PS: Whow, this is the first time in what feels like forever that I am on serebii again =)
    I'll maybe continue (since I was already working on the next chapter) but it won't be in the forums, I'll PM everybody who asked for it the next chapters but they won't be very long and they may take weeks since my computer just hates me (lol) and won't let me work on my stories.
    I'm starting school again on 8th January.
    How about you?
    Aniway I think I'm going to stop the story of Zoey's Pokémon adventure, I just don't feel like continuing it anymore (and once again my computer is against me since I can't open my documents anymore =( ) and it isn't made for me to have a time limit, I'm not good at that (when I have a time limit I try to write fast and then it sucks at everything). Maybe if you beg then I'll still write some chapters but not as long as the last chapters and I'm not going to post it in the fanfiction forum but I'll send a PM with the story in it to the people who want to continue reading it but it may take weeks before I have the following chapter ready since I'm very busy (with school and on other webpages) and because my computer likes to tease me.
    I don't know yet when I'm gonna be able to post it but if it isn't before 22nd December (which is nearly for sure because I'm very busy lately) then you'll have to wait at least two weeks more because I'm going on vacation and it's pretty sure that I won't be able to post it then although I will be able to write it so if I'm not posting it before 22nd December then I'm going to post it on, like 8th January for sure.
    Don't worry my computer crashed because I forgot to register windows on-line but now my parents installed a new version of windows on my computer (so it would work again) and now I have microsoft word again so I'm gonna post the next chapter soon ^_^ .
    Finally, they gave me my computer back (or better said, they gave me a new one ^_^).
    Good thing: I don't have to go to the library anymore to go on the internet (and I only have 30 minutes time then)
    Bad thing: I don't have microsoft word on this computer which means I can't continue writing the next chapter yet :'(
    Don't worry, I'm neither a lot on serebii lately, but that's because my parents toke my computer away, which also means that the next chapter of my story will have to wait.
    I'm fine, thanks.
    Sorry, I have to go now, I have nearly no time left.
    Well I'm surfing the internet a bit, editing some of my posts, chatting with my friends and putting on some new posts (on different websites).
    And what about you?
    Well, I mostly play pokemon and megaman. Mostly childish games like sonic and mario. but I also like fighting games. Pretty much anything really. What do you like to play?
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