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  • hope my comments on your ice cream pokemon helped might not be the greatest suggestions ever but I did put some thought into it
    the reason I wanted Swellow over tailow is for standed use in OU tailwind is very underrated since it the few turns you get you can take out just as many pokemon as there is turns who would otherwise outspeed you I used Combee as my origenal fragile tailwind user alongside my Mega heracross who toke out every pokemon that came in the only times this failed was when either combee diden't get its tailwind in or mega pinsir or talonflame was still on the field which have priority flying moves sometimes came across fast scarfers but most of those coulden't KO my mega Heracross which is what made me post that Combee set but later on thought I could use many other tailwind users as examples for this but my post was removed so I desided to leave things and stop posting for awhile
    thank you for the comment on my set I've replied with my argument tho I do see where your points are power gem could replace moonblast I supose the reason I used moonblast was more for its power vs any dragon and the sp attack lowering effect that activates at least afew times in battle as well as taking out the fighting types who would be able to break the wall wasen't considering talonflame since Carbink stalls it and was focused on what could break its stall
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