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  • Wait are you the OpalDragonStar on youtube? Because if you are, you would remember me as xvalentinexbladex in my youtube account. Anyway I'd like to add you in this one too ^o^
    Well, with the introductions aside, there's nothing to worry about now :)

    Ew yeah, I saw some pretty unpleasant videos about some larger Centipedes. Those things have too many legs for their own good .__.'
    I just saw a small shadow climbing upwards out my open window. Turns out a rather sizey Spider had decided to make it's home above the said window..

    I hope it had a safe landing after I catapulted it away with a ruler :)
    Oh you've no need to apologize, I just thought it was a little random to get a friend request from someone I didn't know ^________^

    Nice to meet you Opal, i'm Matt, or halcyon - or whatever you want to call me xP
    You know, I accepted your friend request without first thinking to ask the question - who are you? xP
    I haven't seen you around much I don't believe, or even spoken to you before..

    Good luck with your Shiny hunts, regardless :)
    I did have a copy of photoshop, but I either threw it away on accident, or gave it to a friend. I could use photoshop pretty well, but prefer Paint.
    Thanks you for the congrats ^_^.

    I use Paint for my sig pictures. I made boxes and just put the Pokemon that I own/hunting in the boxes.
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