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  • Ah, my bad, I thought you meant on this forum, and then I saw we are already friends. Haven't gotten XY yet, sorry. Still depressed about what happened to mom...
    Yeah, it does feel a lot like she's watching over me. When she was at the hospital, I did feel alone, but now... it feels like she's closer.

    As for relationships, nah, I'm still single. As for being angry, nah, I'm okay. I don't need to be angry. I just need to get a lot of things sorted out, but I feel in time, things will fall into place. I feel the best path is to take her lessons of kindness and generosity and put them into practice, even if I don't get anything back.
    Hey, wow, haven't talked to you in a long time.

    Right now, eh, I'm pretty hurt. Mom passed away last week, and trying to cope with her being gone has been pretty hard. She is the sweetest and kindest person I've ever known. I guess heaven needed another angel that's great at cooking chocolate chip cookies, apple crisp, and fantastic layer cakes. But yeah, I keep getting these feelings that she's okay and happy in God's hands now.
    Hey there, it's nice to see you around again! I'm doing well, and yourself? A new fic sounds like it would be cool. What region were you thinking of setting it in?
    I have had a lot of practice writing movie like trailers for my fanfics..I wrote my first one when public internet was just getting started when I was fourteen :). I think I was one of the first ones to get the idea actually :3

    ..I can't believe my fic is already on page three *sniffle* :(
    Ah, I thought it was fine. Mine was the messed up one. It read alright, but compared to everyone else's it was way off. More like a prologue, I think.
    Happy belated birthday, first of all! ^^ Hee, I saw that you finally updated your fic a while back - you just picked a bad, bad time to update it (for me at least), so I haven't gotten a chance to read. *pouts* Final exam time and summer job/housing arrangement time for me here, and you can probably imagine how busy that keeps me at the moment ^^; I will be sure to read when I get the chance though, you can count on it! :)
    Haha, I've got an aunt who used to be a nurse, and an uncle who was as well. Yeah...medical stuff isn't my thing, really. I much prefer writing. More fun. ^^
    XD I'm sure. Don't try to fool me, I read Fable. It's really your diary, isn't it? I knew it...
    Haha. Yeah, the evil ones always pretend that they're just as nice as can be, but in reality they're evil vampires, just waiting to strike. XD
    Heh, yeah. You take care of the cheerful stuff, then what's left is pure evil. Or something like that, anyway. XD
    XD Yeah...I know someone who's kind of like that (well...not those things) IRL, so I know what you're talking about.
    Yeah...you don't seem like the kind of person who could write a good vampire fic, but whatever. XD You do.
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