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  • Now I am having a conflict. Magic Trainers scenes are REALLY good and I already told him I was planning on choosing him. Plus I've got other people still trying out.

    I'll talk to Magic Trainer. I think its a good idea for me and you to team up.

    Either way keep PTA going
    Not to mention his horrible grammar skills.

    I'm looking for a good writer, Which you are. I can handle all the technical stuff myself like PM's and watching the thread to make sure everyone is following the rules and voting right. I'm looking for someone to write the scenes. That's the kind of partnership I'm looking for
    he stole the game (revenge of the legends) and posted it when I specifically told him not to. So I had a mod close it. He then posted 2 more times and the same mod deleted those. Then he posted it AGAIN and a different mod approved it so I had the different mod contact me. I explained the situation and it was closed for the last time.

    I was gonna suggest we combine forces and run both games but wait until you see the scene I just posted
    you should consider getting a co owner. I know you probably don't want to (I don't either) but its necessary
    OD! As much as I love GPX+ you need to rid of the eggs in ur sig! OTher wise it will break rules and u get banned!

    Keep 2 eggs if you like that banner or get rid of the nd have 3
    Am I the only reliable mafia updater around here? I've been waiting for PTA to end so I can join another round
    This is a warning that your reservation in Hidden Ones Reborn is in jepordy. Unless you give at least a first draft Sign up today, your reservation will be cancelled.
    Basucally, every good trainer was assigned a type. Every day phase you vote for a type and a letter. A, B, C or D

    The letters could mean Death, 3 vote penalty, immunity to one night kill, or Next action will be twice as effective.

    The meaning of the letters changes every round. Since you have no idea who is what type and what the letters mean those are all about luck.

    Basically, luck is now a factor in mafia
    This new role is ready for you. PM me when you're on so I can send it to you. You have 24 hours to respond
    Sorry but kuriboh361 showed up but there are alot of people with 2 strikes so I'll let you know if anyone gets a third
    This is a reminder of you reservation In Reborn. If you do not sign up within one week of your reservation, your reservation will be cancelled to give someone else a chance at that spot.
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