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    Which Psychic type should I use in Platinum

    Well in my opinion if you want the speed to do anything I would go with Alakazam great special attack with awesome speed and decent special defense is a good choice but if you want a Tank Bronzong is the way to go with the Levitate skill his only weakness is now Fire. Gyro Ball makes him great...
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    What's your Favorite Generation 4 Pokemon?

    Well for me the Turtwig family is just the best thing in Pokemon since Bulbasaur lol
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    I joined the Forum, It looks promising!

    I joined the Forum, It looks promising!
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    SoulSilver RMT

    I love your team to be honest I would want the same thing but I would have Lapras instead of Slowbro but that is just my opinion based on how I like Lapras more but I hope you do complete this team and I do agree with the people above flamethrower much more useful then fireblast but who doesn't...
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    So I started Pokemon Platinum over

    Well I restarted my Pokemon Platinum recently and I of course am having a great time and as of now only have one badge with a team of Grotle, Kadabra and Zubat, I like my team and am thinking to add three maybe four more into my rotation of Pokemon, I have in mind Remoraid, Riolu, Bronzor...
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    if it wasent for bad luck, i wouldnt have any luck

    Congratulations! a shiny pokemon is a shiny pokemon consider yourself lucky, I have had only one myself and it was drifloon and well now I dont even have it after a bogus trade but seriously red Gyarados way to go!
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    Well as of now I have had maybe a total of 10 minutes but it seems cool and sweet! Thanks for replying kind of sucks to see 20 views and not one reply xD
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    Hey my name is Steve and I am a casual pokemon player that want my pokemon well to be the best they could be. but to do that I need to trade them and battle with them and well since all my friends in person don't have any of the newer pokemon games I'm kind of boned. Well I'm here hopefully to...