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Last Activity:
Apr 26, 2012
Feb 28, 2011
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Who's dar man, from Cross-legged atop a Wailord

orangezilla was last seen:
Apr 26, 2012
    1. Usatoday
      hey you come back and join us at CG before i beat you Usa btw
    2. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      Ok thanks, OZ. And for that, you are most definetly welcome! :)
    3. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      Yeah, do what you think looks best. Just stick to that rough idea.

      Thanks a lot, OZ :)
    4. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      Thought you'd gone! Well, it's ok if you're not keen on the towers, because we've since come up with a new idea. This is probably the best way to explain it:

      Imagine a wheel (I.e a big circle with a small circle inside, which both share the same centre). In the small circle is a crystal (preferably shining). The area between the large and small circles is split up into 5 parts of equal size. They are in the following colours: one purple, one red, one green, one yellow and one a very light shade of blue or gray. In these sections there are, respectively, a Mewtwo, Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Arceus and Kyurem. As you've probably guessed, these represent the 5 divisions. They'll also be a gold trim/line splitting up the sections. The line of the circles should be the same colour. The text "The Crystalline Guard" can go anywhere, and can be in any font, see what you think looks best. I'll have to agree with it though.

      Does this sound do-able?
    5. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      Ok, that makes sense. Good idea :)
    6. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      Kyurem = White. And yes, it is :)
    7. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      Well, in the centre there's a circular emblem. In the emblem itself there is a smaller circle, in which there is a shining crystal, and around this inner circle are five segments of equal size. One is purple, another red, another green, another yellow and another white. These contain the pokemon Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Rayquaza, Arceus and Kyurem (normal forme) respectively. In the background of this image, behind the emblem there are five identical futuristic towers. The text 'The Crystalline Guard' should be in there somewhere, using the Starcraft text from the Sci-fi section of www.dafont.com, preferably.

      Pretty specific, huh? :L
    8. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      Okay, well, what I want is quite a complicated piece, but just the one. Would you be up for that?
    9. Psycho Cut
      Psycho Cut
      Hey, are you going to stick with the new BA? I may need your Artistic Skills...
    10. Magicmonkey
      What Alexandria said. No quiting please? who will call me an idiot without you?
    11. AlexandriaTheMixed
      Awe. Don't quit the forums. Or PO. You're really cool. Reguardless of where you go.
    12. Magicmonkey
      You blame me for this huh. Well, may we meet on the field of battle, and feel free to send me any questions about anything :)
    13. Magicmonkey
      just so you know, i hate the new kyruem forms, they look a bit demented. thought you would like to know. his normal form is more bad ***.
    14. Schade
      Yeah. Kyurem was better off without them..
    15. Flappy
      Haha nice.
    16. Schade
      Looks awesome! And the meaning of it is just priceless
    17. Flappy
      Lol where did you get your Signature?
    18. Schade
      I love your signature!
    19. Barbeller
      Can I have a battle for the Dream League? On Smogon as [BB]Barbeller.
    20. ElxlceL
      sweet, what name am i looking for ?
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    Cross-legged atop a Wailord
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