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  • Psycho Cut is on vacation until the 6th, so it's going to be delayed...again. I think it's pretty close to done, though. We've just need people for the shop banner, war team banner, and tournament banner, but those can wait. Userbars and such are being worked on right now.
    Well thursday is the day I go down to my gaming club. Anddddd I going to a tournament with said club friday. So I figured I may get the practice in. Can you be on earlier that day? I will stay and play if not. I can practice with my mate at his house.
    Give me a time (preferably when I am awake at UK GMT) for the DvD match. Haveb school holiday after friday, but next friday is not good. any other time should be fine, providing i am concious at the time.
    Regards, Magic.
    Awesomeness.I was too confused earlier on PO...I was battling a friend from school who's actually pretty nifty with his team, but I'll get to team building-unless you have some suggestions... in which case PM meh >:)
    You do? I see what you mean, this one is a little... Rusty around the edges, but I felt it was time for a change
    By SG, you mean Shadow Gallade, right? I think he's still with us, I just haven't heard much from him.

    Me, Psycho Cut, and Vandslaux are already going to be division leaders(oh, right, Psycho Cut is also the "main brain", so he's going to run a division and the entire clan, so change 5 co-leaders to 4, that was a mistake). Soperman is up for consideration, though. I already voted for him.
    We're picking the co-leaders right now. We're going to have 5 this time, just so we can divide powers more, and because we're using co-leaders instead of house captains.

    Also, I think we're still waiting on the art, but I'm not completely sure on that one.
    Dont you worry about it, you're alright with me, I just left on my own accord for my own reasons, you and I are cool.
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