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  • Orenji-chan, I was just wondering if your still availible to make a new chapter for Shattered Memories... It's pretty much my favorite specialshipping story and its been so long for the new chapter T_T
    umm...i dont know if youre still availible, but i need rhe rest of the red+yellow curse viridian...i love it, its so romantic, and i like those true form loveys (fruits basket volume 6) so...maybe...email? oh, well.... *SOBS VERY LOUDLY*
    I didn't think you were sweety D:

    I was going toleave forever. But then I realized I never officially said goodbye. So... GOOOOOODDDD BYEEEEE!!!!

    We should still keep in contact though DDDD: email me?
    Ahhh, February! February! February! This month is lovely, and not only because it has Valentines Day in it! But because it has the ultra lovely number of six! Yes, six, as in, six months of school have passed [kinda XD;]! That is teh awesomeness, no? THREE MORE MONTHS TO GOOOO WOOOOH! YEAH BABY! ^____^

    mmkay D:

    OHEMGEEE! My sibs in grade school have NO school tomorrow due to lazy teachers, my brother has TWO hours of school, and the other starts late tomorrow. I am the only one waking my sleepy butt up at seven in the morning D: BLESS YOUR WEATHER <3 HOPE YOU HAD THOSE DAY-OFFS
    I am a lazy person. A terribly lazy person. That is why I procrastinate, even when I shouldn't D: I'm sorry I haven't replied yet! I have no excuse except that I'm terrible lazy.

    Easy tests = ftw And aww, I hope so too :<

    :O And nice :D That's so cool :D

    Yes, me too ^__^ As soon as I reply, I shall! ^^;;;

    Sadly D: Darn, I am jealous :'< My school wouldn't take a day-off even if it was on fire :p
    Oooh, isn't that awesome when they leave like that? :D I mean yeah, good for them for having a baby and all that, but I usually love the subs we get. My English teacher left because she was having a baby, and our sub let us read macbeth in class. She was so much fun that we were sad when out actual teacher came back.

    Heck yah >D

    Yeah, I totally agree! :D though they can be awesome too, sometimes, no?
    Yes ma'am :D

    Heck yah >DDD And lol! Sorry, but like, I got in to this very random argument with my friend last year about the word "coolio" XD Don't you just love that word?

    I saw your PM, Orenji-chan, skimmed it a bit since I had to get to class (boo!), but I'll finish reading tomorrow and attempt to reply (yay!)
    *patpat* ;o;

    Yup! I was so glad to see Obama be president now. I was all "Yay~" XD

    I'm sure you'll find a way. Don't give in to the writer's block! *waves arms around* XD
    =D! Merry Christmas to you, too, my JS Twin! 8D Hope you're having fun! =D

    *gleams over cookies and shares* :'D
    Ugh, I used to think I was in love with biology XD Turned out I only liked Genetics :p

    lol! Be bad more often then so you won't get presents? Gosh, I never thought I'd be saying something like that xP

    Omg, yay, break! No hw! No tests! Just tons and tons of free time! Is it possible to fall in love with your break? Because I think I am!

    Yay double standards! Yay! Not!

    Well, I don't celebrate, but if you do, Merry Christmas! And if not, I hope you have a lovely day today :D I think I'm just gonna curl up in front of the tv with a good book, some hot chocolate and the occasional Christmas special! Oh winter break, how I love thee.
    Ooooohmygosh I'm so sorry man!

    I totally did not read your visitor message until like, now? >.< Omgawsh. I'm too awesome.

    Yea, I'm pretty fond of Jadeshipping as much as Specialshipping, lulz. Afterall, Yellow's still pretty hooked on wearing that straw hat Blue gave her, amiright? xD
    Oh wow, I hate it when I get that kind of stuff. DDD: I'm all "Nooo, whyyy? ;__;" Poetry can be tough. D:

    Yay failure~ xDDD
    So true! 8D

    Aww, same with Writer's Block. D: I have such a bad case of it. x__x Most of the time, I'll start planning then start thinking of the quotes the characters would say. By the time I get home, I end up doing something else then get lazy to expand the idea. ._. I fail. xD
    aww, thankies very much. *hugs*
    Isn't it? I was so in to that class, it wasn't even funny :O And I've never been in to math.

    Wow, go teachers? XD If that's what they give as presents, what are their punishments?

    Yes, grades can be a problem D: I honestly cannot wait until I'm done with school- until I'm done with tests, homework, quizzes, projects, and all of the other yucky things school brings. I mean, don't get me wrong: school can be awesome. I just know I can do without the stress thank you very much @__@;;

    Good luck, good luck, good luck! :D

    Isn't it? I honestly think that Prop 8 is one of the dumbest things I've heard of. Nice equality America, nice equality D:
    Okay, do I like, suck or what? xP

    aha, Math and I don't agree. Unless it's algebra :p

    Wow, lucky you! xD So, the first quarter is done right? Three more quarters to go! (Unless you do trimesters, then two more to go?)

    Seniority rocks my socks off, the idea of real university... not so much xD

    D: I try to purposely forget the stories that pop in my head before I go to bed because it honestly isn't worth it to try to remember Dx
    Oh god, yes. Ice cream cake. *___*

    I haven't gotten to finish it as of yet. I might make it into a holiday one-shot. :3 My professor decided to give us a different assignment so yeah. ;o; I have so much writer's block atm. @@;
    Aww, no worries, thankies! ^^

    I'm pretty much okay; I spent today celebrating.. kinda. I ate cake, though. 8D
    Holy crappette, Geometry is very... well, not my subject D: And in general, wow @ your homework. I hope you survived that weekend because I'm pretty sure I probably wouldn't have lol

    I used to hate my English too but then the teacher kinda got easier the only sucky thing is that if you spent all weekend doing a five page paper and on Monday you come to turn it in, there's a chance she'll postpone the due date.... ON THE ACTUAL DUE DATE. -___-;;;
    LOL, wow, I pretty much avoid any language class because of that.

    High school is awesome :D I'm kinda sad that this is my last year of it and then on to the big bad scary world of real university D:

    Thanksgiving also equals food :D! Yummy in my tummy lol!

    haha, I hate it when just before I get to bed an awesome fanfiction story- no, not idea, the full dang story- pops in to my head but I have no energy to write it all down and then when I wake up it is either no longer in my head or just sounds silly :p

    Stunky can be caught in Pokemon Diamond on routes 218 and 222.
    Alright. ^.^ I'll just breed Cyndaquil for you then. And you take your time--whenever you're ready is fine with me.

    Yes, it also has a nice Speed stat as well--not super, but good enough to outrun most Pokemon you'll encounter in the game, given your level is higher on some. (=
    You are right about Empoleon. However, Grass Knot gains power the heavier the foe is--since D/P Pokemon like Rhyperior and other Tanks/Sweepers/etc are becoming more and more popular in Competitive Teams, it's a good move to have, because most of these Pokemon are very, very heavy. It's also a rather nasty surprise--not many Water Pokemon can learn Grass Type attacks like this. (I have yet to come across another as strange...)
    Don't give Roserade Physical attacks. Its Special Attack base is much, much higher. You can check our its Serebii Dex page here: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/407.shtml
    And it learns Toxic from Roselia--you can use a Heart Scale to teach it again. Grass Whistle is also an option for a stat-educing attack. Could you give me a list of its attacks right now? Maybe then I can help you. (=
    I'll take it with Earthquake, please. (= Any gender/level/nature is fine with me!
    And I'll give you a Cyndaquil (with a Heartscale). Do you prefer any gender/level/nature? I'll try to breed to fit what you want. Also, Cyndaquil will have Dig and Sunny Day as Egg Moves.
    Just tell me in school, or PM me when you are ready. (=

    Sadly, only Grass- and Electric-type moves get a x2.0 boost against water Pokemon. Instead of trying to give your Golem a move that will help defend it, simply don't battle it against any Water types. Golem's Speed stat is also considerably low--so chances are even if it could learn an Electric or Grass type move, it would not be able to attack first anyway, thus risking a 1HKO from a strong water attack + STAB from an enemy Water Pokemon. Instead, train another Pokemon that can balance out this weakness. Your Roserade will do just fine, for example. It also receives STAB from any Grass type attacking move that it uses. You can also teach Empoleon Grass Knot (like I showed you in school) but that is not necessary for In-game battling. I only really suggest that you use it if you plan to build a team for Competitive Battling.
    Aww... <3 You're welcome.
    Hmm... you have Diamond version right? How about a version exclusive, like Stunky? =| I'll take Cranidos as well, if you've been digging for fossils. I'll also trade for TMs. Like Earthquake, Brick Break, and Energy Ball (if you don't think you're going to use them later on).
    And if that doesn't work for you, we can talk in school.
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