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Last Activity:
Nov 22, 2017
Oct 24, 2004
Likes Received:
Jan 19, 1986 (Age: 34)
Goldenrod City
Student, Whitney's stalker.

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8, 34, from Goldenrod City

Orion-Sama was last seen:
Nov 22, 2017
    1. Avegaille
      *pokes Orion* Hello there~ How is the Avatar marathon? XD
    2. Avegaille
      XD She's better in stalking than I am... hehehe... >)

      :D Yayz~

      Whaa, I didn't get to see you today cause I was cleaning the house... ;_;
    3. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      aww, thank you! personally i think much of my work is meh. but nice people like you and my other friends always inspire me, whether it's graphics or drawings. <3
      but really, i honestly think i come off as rude, or really weird. :/ like, when you get to know me. xD; i always try to make nice 1st impressions. n_n;
    4. Avegaille
      XP What if NM stalks you? :P

      And yayz~ Glad you enjoyed them... 8D
    5. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      i will eventually, blah, i don't know how to use the new scanner though or get onot my dad's laptop when he's not around u_u...maybe i'll like pixel her or draw her on paint, i'm good with drawing on the computer aswell. n_n

      ty for like, showing interest. xP
    6. Avegaille
      XD You enjoy being stalked, don't ya? =P

      And yep, I have it now... I shall scan it for now... ehehehe... well, the parts with Whitney of course~
    7. Avegaille
      XP Yes I do~ *bricked*

      Well, I'm not going to be around later, cause it's enrollment day... but when I do get home, I will finally have the manga~ 8D
    8. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      yep, she is! i love drawing fanart of her. it's hard doing the spiky pig tails so i do her hair down when i draw. <3
    9. Avegaille
      *stalk stalk stalk*

      Hello there, Orion~

      *is bored XD*
    10. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      you like Whitney too? she's one of my fave Pokemon girls! n__n
    11. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      hello whitney this is relevant (Y)
    12. ChloboShoka
      I predict a pizza orgy. ^_^
      Hello Orion and fellow Whitney/Bellossom fan.

      How are you doing?
    13. Misaki-chi
      so I herd you like pizza ;p
    14. Alzi
      You where in my profile. Hello :)
    15. Dimentio
      I felt obliged to add you as a friend, mainly because I really felt we bonded for those few minutes in that convo with noobers and fhq.

      But in all seriousness, fhq keeps telling me how awesome you are and such. So I felt like asking for a Friend Request.
    16. intergalactic platypus
      intergalactic platypus
      I haven't seen you on these forums that much lately. Whats been going on with you?
    17. honey_clover112
      Hey there, Orion-sama! And Trisha[Renami] says that you are a pizza pervert. Is she right? :O? XDD;
    18. Profesco
      Hello, Orion-Sama.

      I was just reading your post in the "Why does everyone consider Arceus a god" thread, and I really appreciated your good sense and reasonable attitude. That's very respectable!

      Anyway, you say you've got your own theories about Arceus and Mew. I'd really love to hear them, if you don't mind taking the time to type them up. I enjoy speculating about the Pokemon world, and Arceus has become quite the enigmatic puzzle piece when relating to Mew, Mewtwo, Deoxys, and much more, hasn't it?

      Take care!
    19. ~Mesprit~
      Hi! I read your posts with pleasure. Your imagination is so big!^^ I love people like you!
    20. Deoxys is #1 1995
      Deoxys is #1 1995
      hi i am may collett
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  • About

    Jan 19, 1986 (Age: 34)
    Goldenrod City
    Student, Whitney's stalker.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Some geek in love with adorable clumsy girls!

    Videogames, anime, cartoons, fan service, drawing, writing, reading, swimming, computers and food.


    Paired with the adorable Avegaille ~ <3​