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  • Pokemon Movie 2011 Giveaway:

    Korean Reshiram + Zekrom
    Japanese Reshiram + Zekrom
    English Movie Victini

    Click Zekrom to Enter!

    Hello! If you still have your Pikachu-colored Pichu, I was wondering if you'd be willing to trade for one or two of the following:

    Bold Shiny Charmander
    Lax Shiny Charizard
    Sassy Shiny Kakuna
    Docile Shiny Ninetales
    Naive Shiny Mankey
    Sassy Shiny Gastly
    Sassy Shiny Dragonite
    Careful Shiny Typhlosion
    Jolly Shiny Bellossom
    Mild Shiny Sneasel
    Bashful Shiny Houndoom
    Shiny Serious Milotic
    Okay, I won't trade though and let you know that 10aniv pokemon are never to be shiny. A friend who really knows what he talks about told me all shiny 10aniv pokemon are hacked. So just for you to know^^
    hello there, how touched is that shiny 10aniv celebi of yours? is it japanese or with nickname?
    hi orly not sure if u remember me but i got the new shokotan pichu event shiny pichu if u wuld like to trade plz tell me
    ive been real busy lately, hopefully i can catch up with some trades over the weekend. sorry for the wait
    what do you want for it> i have a shiney dialga and ho oh and a few other shiney legands.
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