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  • hey i will be sending you the murkrow in brawls place. he's having some problems. use my white fc. which fc do i use?
    Give me a few minutes to add your FC and get ready. Hopefully I'll be in the WFC in about 5 minutes!
    Yeah, hoping that would match a legit shiny spread but it doesn't. Looks like you may have gotten an unlucky draw there.
    Ok, yeah I don't remember any Adamant Spreads. However, may I have the IV's on it?
    Its not bothering. I'm going to offer Legality Checking services in the near future :).
    Sorry about my PM box, I haven't been near a Computer to clear it out.
    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi's cannot be Pokechecked, but are really easy to Hex-Check. I can check it if you can give me the Nature and IV's.
    I have been playing SSFIV.
    I'm willing to bet several times during our next MvC match, I will forget what I'm playing and try to crank out an Ibuki combo, then be outraged when nothing happens.
    If there's anything in general that you're looking for, tell me and I'll try finding it for you. Just in case ;)
    Okay. I apologize for being all spaztastic...I honestly do understand. Thank you for reserving it for me, though. :)
    ...I'm not sure if that makes me happy or sad :/ Allow me to see if a friend has anything you like. They'd trade my pokemon for that guy. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as terribly pathetic, but I've been looking for one for so...long...
    I will literally trade everything of any value for it. How about my shiny flawless mew, shiny deoxys, shiny darkrai, my shiny timid UT shiny jirachi, my flawless EV trained careful jirachi, my EV trained but not level 100 shiny careful jirachi, shiny docile jirachi (maybe EV trained?), movie 03 jirachi UT, and ageto celebi? I literally just offered (almost) the entirety of my most prized pokemon. Please?
    Is it uncloned? If so, I want SO MUCH! Please tell me it's not cloned. PLEASE. (In my shop, my highest want is uncloned shiny jirachi)
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