• Hi all
    Just a notice, we recently discovered that someone got into a moderator account and started hard deleting a load of key and legacy threads...around 150 threads have been lost dating back to 2007 and some weeks ago so we can't roll the forums back.
    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
  • Hi all. We had a couple of reports of people's signatures getting edited etc. in a bad way. You can rest assured this wasn't done by staff and nobody has compromised any of our databases.

    However, remember to keep your passwords secure. If you use similar passwords to elsewhere which has been accessed, people and even bots may be able to access your account.

    We always recommend using unique passwords, and two-factor authentication if you are able. Make sure you're as secure as possible
  • Be sure to join the discussion on our discord at: Discord.gg/serebii
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  • No worries, I love the board you made; it's clean and it's easy to look for a new Pokémon! Keep up the good work! :D
    Hem, I don't want to bother you or something, but I think something's wrong with the general picture of the new Kalos Pokémon in your signature. Some Pokémon are taking the color of their types; notice Aurorus and Inkay getting new colors...
    I don't know if it's my computer or something, but I just wanted to warn you, in case of if you wanted to ajust it. :p
    Hey, love the signature - how did you manage to remove the backgrounds of each Pokemon and keep them so neat?

    I have fireworks and whenever i remove a background of a Pokemon the black outline of the Pokemon often becomes pixelated or sketchy, it's annoying haha.
    even after the last corocoro pre-release comes out (though there is a chance that the october one will leak on the 11th) there are still new pokemon being announced lol. I personally would prefer no megas in it though but that's just me.
    So I think I found the place where a code is supposed to be, but i can't find it. Could you give me a pointer as to where on a certain page it could be?
    Oh wow! That's quite unfair.
    I don't want to be a scumbag, so I won't ask for the codes from you lmao.
    That's a shame, I think GameFreak should do the Hunt for all of the participating countries like the ones that can be chosen from the country select from the Pokémon website.
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