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  • Ok, thank you, I do promise to have it ready around the 30th, I have just been addicted to a game called Oblivion and have also been unable to play it for a few days.
    We can do this on the 28th or 29th, I have yet to even breed the Pokemon you want.
    I have been really busy and it seems when I'm very busy or don't want to play Pokemon games I always get trade requests.
    I'll give you the Pokemon you want for free, because I'm a Pokemon breeder too.
    Do you want the Zorua with it or not?

    Name : Zara
    Game : Black
    Friend Code : 3568 1975 4496
    Hello, Ossus.
    I can give you those three, do you have Squirtle, or the Sinnoh starter Pokemon, or Hoenn starter Pokemon, those are the ones I'm looking for.
    I can also give you a free Zorua egg.
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