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  • Ah, well you have to snipe between the stage? And do you play on custom maps?
    On Combat Arms my favorite gun is the L9, or the G36E.
    well thats lucky for you i got banned from all my video games because of mine!!!!!! im only on this because my mum is out.lol
    WWWWWOOOOOAAAAHHHHH DDDDDDUUUUUUDDDDDDEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You seriously did not make that man that is AMAZING! how the hell'd you do it? i mean i saw your link from scratch and suddenly you make this ?! OMG OWEN you have improved!!!! did you make it from scratch?
    does anyone like this sprite i made its meant to be cecil from final fantasy IV in his paladin form
    Hello owen , its ryan. U are quite big on this site,huh? im starting to get back into spriting so im entering contests. You won one before didnt you? You should enter some more with the sprites you make!!!! Youd so win! i reckon dylan should sign up to this forum too!
    Panthera cantus is annoying w/Ultimate.... I already beat him on Ultimate and got Black "planet something" from it.

    I'm a fan Tales more than Square-Enix xD. Dunno, but I like Tales's graphics are amazing and cartoon. Maybe more funny like skits.
    Tales of games:
    Tales of the abyss(PS2)
    Tales of Legendia(PS2) this is kinda ok, but if you like this.
    Tales of Symphonia (GC, PS2(only for Japan)
    Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World(Wii)
    Tales of Vesperia(Xboxlive, PS3)
    Tales of Destiny 1,2(PS1)
    Tales of Rebirth(Japan)

    I have systems: GC,Wii,PS1(japanese) and DS. I wish I had PS3 ;_;
    Yeah, go to middle in the store where udagawa back streets is. And another store is Shadow ramen that 's rare.
    I feed my party quickly because I payed the high increase point foods. These can be found the store(I don't remember what this is called. You know where Neku is died)You feed them for around 2 days or so as possible. My PS1 games are from Japan that I bought, not import.

    I fed them for a few days and maximum attack and def. for Neku, Shiki, and Joshua.
    2nd floor, you have to feed your Neku and partners Shiki or Joshua to maximum attack and defense w/food. Or you can change your average:Ultimate to Easy. You can finish 2nd pig quickly. Keep Easy, don't change.

    My bro, Metamence isn't a fan final fantasy or Square enix hahaha.....He tried playing my old games that are related to Square Enix, but he couldn't read Japan words.
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