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  • Heh, I wanted to say I LOVE your ideas for how they could tie in some other things into Platinum and HGSS arcs. Man, I wish you'd send them your ideas, I'm sure it'd help a lot! XDDDD
    Hmmm that's very true! =o You're right! Like Ruby had Wallace, Sapphire Winona, ect. Hm, you're so right about that. I remember making the connection because I remember thinking it was cool some had mentors, but I never thought about how many. But anyways, man, Platinum chose a good one! xD

    You may have. :p I'm not to her arc yet so I don't think I have, although I may have seen it before since I have seen quite a few pics from her arc. :3 ^^ Oh, and thanks for accepting my friend invite! =] I'm still fairly new here so it's always nice to get more friends.~
    Hey! Thanks for the awesome reply to me in the September thread, I agree with a lot of what you said and was flattered to be quoted. You also helped me say some things I was trying to say in my original message but didn't quite get out right, so thanks. ^^
    P.S. I agree, Platinum looks fierce on the vol 36 cover and way to go Cynthia making even more first time history! ;D xD And, is it just me or does Platinum's pose remind you of Ruby's when he was getting ready to release Cerebi for some reason? :3 As well as is it just me, or with how Cynthia is always shown around Platinum (especially on this cover) does it kind of seem like she'd be a teacher or something to her, almost? I'm not to D/P yet so I don't know for sure, but some things I've seen kind of give me a teacher-student vibe between the two of them! 8D
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