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  • o hey. not bad really, ive just been trying to get good marks in year 12 while doing the least amount of work possible. you?

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    um, http://serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=132226

    last time i watched a star wars movie was like 10 years ago e_e

    (for the record blue harvest is this idiot who brags about getting banned from smogon and ****, i dont know why i'm friends with her)

    log was a 7 i guess. some funny bits but sort of dragged on a bit. also;

    [01:55] Aziz: suffice to say, i haven't been played pokemon or even gone to the forums in about a year
    [01:55] Eric: why?
    [01:55] Aziz: i grew bored of pokemon.

    lol it was because he got permbanned and we just got mods to ban every new account he made.
    yeah raito is the black one

    also i added you but you have not gone online, or at least i haven't seen you.
    msn. cbc died ages ago. dont know how you wouldn't know at least discord/tochu/raito/judicator. latter used to be parasectdude. and you're friends with AZ so ._.
    i have his phone number but he is never online anymore, i think he has a job that takes up most of his time. right now the people who are active are pretty much discord/tochu/judicator/raito/misaki (you probably don't know her)/unaware (you might not know him)/reno. and sometimes AZ.
    something happened in my life which ****ed me up a bit so i decided to spam crmt a bunch. bad decision but oh well.

    started posting on this account but i haven't for a while because crmt is too **** to troll. that and profesco is a big meanie and i like this account and don't want to lose it
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