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  • This is the third time you replied to a PM with no message outside of the quote. Stop doing that, Vinyl.
    I need you to make the base set of achievements first, then I need you to make art for the Guild's Youtube channel (that includes a banner to put in the thread). The second set isn't a main priority at the moment.

    EDIT: We've finished the rules for the Youtube channel. Make that your top priority. Once you're done, we can start uploading videos.
    Hey Overkill!
    Once again thanks for the banner, I know you worked hard on the banner but can I ask for one more thing?
    Instead of Shaymin, could you do Jirachi? I hope its not too much and sorry for the sudden change, especially since it was AFTER you made it.
    No problem! It can wait, especially when compared with tests. Luckily I just finished up my tests not too long ago. Good luck!
    Heya! I think we were planning on doing some practice battles on each other later, right? I'm free just about any night now, so just tell me what you want to do and when, I guess. School was cancelled for tomorrow (some awful snowstorms are going on around here) so if you're on then that would be great!
    I have a new job for you. There's no rush, but it does take priority over the achievements (speaking of which, I gave you some instructions on the document). Make a "Weekly Tasks" banner (similar to the Announcements banner) with Amaura. Amaura's cool.
    So, when do you think you'll be able to replace my awe inspiring achievement banners?

    There's no rush. I just want an estimate so I know how lazy I can be long I have to find images for you to use for the second set. Also, if you would be so kind as to critique the second set (since Chief doesn't care...), that would be really helpful. I love some of them (specifically, "And Then There Were None"), but others are meh.
    Achievement unlocked!
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