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  • Fire fang too?
    and well, gastrodon could carry a moveset like this:
    Scald(or surf, since im going to poison em anyway),toxic,ice beam, and protect.
    If he´s using ice beam and most dragons dont have a grass-type attack,i guess ill should go with fire blast.
    hey!so, im having a 4vs4 singles tournament and i wanted some ideas.since in this tournament garchomp and excadrill are not banned, im using them.so...this would be a sandstorm team:

    if opted offense:tyranitar.
    100 atk, 180 def, 140 hp and the rest on sp.def
    lum berry
    stone edge/earthquake/crunch/ice beam(or fire blast, dunno.)

    252 atk and spe
    life orb
    swords dance
    rock slide
    rapid spin

    life orb or choice band or choice scarf
    252 atk and spe
    outrage/earthquake/fire fang/crunch

    and gastrodon
    storm drain
    252 hp and def
    earth power
    something else.

    what do you think?
    I understand I've heard about some of the new formes are glitched with the normal/normal type and lum berry not working so you made a good call, I haven't run into any problems myself but I haven't used any B2W2 exclusives yet (nor does my team use lum berry).
    It's just the stats on your teams like what pokemon you're using, their natures, EV's, IV's, held items, etc.
    I'm not seeing you, although the transition from POv1 to POv2 is virtually seamless if you have your teams' specs copied down before the update.
    Guess your´e right bout forretress.
    I had it on that team before, but as i primarly used it for spinning away hazards and starmie had recover.
    I didnt saw me using recover that much, so i thought that now ferrothorn was better at that.
    Guess that i was wrong.
    Hmm...yea, youre right about hydreigon.
    I used life orb to be able to switch attacks, but yea scarf makes more sense since im using it as a scout.
    Btw, i think im going to change Ferrothorn for Forretress.It might have more sinergy, since it can use volt switch too...
    I'm Game.
    Pick one, my understanding is your only able to pick a certain one, or i may be confusing you with someone else.
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