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  • Wow that seems pretty far ahead. Just how much of the major story beats have you outlined so far ;)?
    Will Ash, May and Brendan get Megas for their Hoenn starters? Speaking of which how much involvement will Ash’s OS Pokémon have in this fanfic?
    Cool. You could have Shroomish’s ability be effect spore in order to create a conflict in the battle by having Brendan’s Pokémon (which starter does he get?) get a status ailment after making a contact attack; just a thought of course. I’ll be happy to read it when you’re done :).
    What’ll the differences be? Will Ash use his older Pokémon throughout? Will Misty stay in the main cast? Will May be still in the main cast?
    I always did find it a little odd that we got May but not Brendan in the anime, though I do appreciate that the anime tried to bring in a sibling relationship. Not sure if they approved upon that in the X/Y anime, haven't seen it.
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