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  • Sorry that I haven't been active on here. I'm probably not going to be coming back for a bit. I'm basically obsessed with Super Smash Bros. right now, and I'm active on Smashboards. If you want to talk to me and whatnot, join and send me a message, cause I probably won't be seeing one if you send it from here.

    I just came back to ask people to take a poll that we have going over at Smashboards, actually. If you're interested, you can take it here. We've gotten around 700 votes so far, and we're trying to pass 1000 soon. If you could also share the poll with your friends and family, I'd appreciate it. Sharing it with other sites would be nice as well.
    Yeah, it's actually an old username from five years ago I haven't changed. My online alias now is a pun off my real name. But yeah
    Your completely right.
    Lets say you have a bunch of old cards that you absolutely dont need that only lie around in the basement and there is something you really want and you could pay that guy in cards, wouldnt you offer all your cards?
    I know I could get that Tornadus for less, but if offering all my cards gets me that Tornadus any faster...
    Im even more crazy than you thought, cause a friend of mine will give me his Black version in like 2 months, so I could sr that Tornadus myself :D
    Well, do you know that feeling when you really, like really want somehthing, lol its just a PKMN, but anyway, you know what I mean. The thing is that the PKMN I offered are all just lying in my box, I will never use them, not even for a trade, since I pretty have everything I want or can get what I want myself, except for that Tornadus. Also, Tornadus in its therian form is just epic :)
    Yes, I said it was crazy ;)
    I just have no use for the PKMN I offered and I really want that Tornadus.
    when? i just went thru my recent activity n didnt see but if i did it wasnt on purpose but thanks for the heads up neway lol
    A clone is something that is exactly the same. Even if you got it yourself, it's still the exact same data - a clone.
    Even if you get one, it will be exactly the same as the other ones, meaning it's in essence, just that, a clone. Same thing with other Pokemon of similar natures, such as N's Pokemon. You can get it yourself, but since it's exactly the same as one gotten on another game, it's really only a clone.
    No, there are only 65,535 possible combinations for Jirachi. Only nine of those can be shiny. It is impossible.
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