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  • I want to trade for a jirachi.
    I offer:
    Pretty much any 4th generation LEGIT pokemon and legendaries.
    My only shiny : poochyena, the legendary trio, and gyarados
    well pachi its been a year since you came on
    and a year since you said you were going to iraq
    ...i hope nothing has happened to you
    cos i dont like my friends having things happen to them
    youve not missed much with the club other than it shutting down :'(
    and other than that
    nothings been happening
    are you ever coming back?
    hi i wish 2 trade u 4 ur lugia, wich ev trained pokemon do u wish 4 it?
    i have shinies but i'm not willing to trade ém........waiting 4 r response
    Ok well send me messages when you can. And God will protect you. Dont worry too much about her. Its perfectly fine to miss her. But just think about being safe and coming back home to her. She'll be fine. You both just need to think about seeing each other again when you get back and not worry about what might happen. Let time tell whats gonna happen. And look forward to her being there when you get back. And see ya later bro. Try to send me one more message before you leave on your trip.
    Well I know what you mean. I wish you the best and hope nothing happens to you. I know God will protect you. As for the messages dont worry about it I understand if you dont send me any its ok dont worry about it. Just worry about yourself and your gf and how your gonna make sure your gonna be ok. Shes gonna be worried cause she doesnt want anything to happen to you. But its ok she'll wait for you.
    Ok dude I dont approve about the army but I'm not anyone to stop you. If its whats best for you go for it and I wish you the best with it. Just hope you dont get hurt or something. But I'm sure you'll be a great soldier. And about your fiance its ok it might be best as long as your still happy with her. Even if it takes like months for you to send messages back hit me back up its ok.
    I understand why you havent been on its all good. But wow dude you do so much cool stuff. Meeting celebrities, being on t.v. shows, getting married and all this. You life is amazing dude.
    Dude that is so awesome seriously. Congratulations once again and when the wedding happens you totally have to send me pics bro.
    WOW DUDE GREAT!!! DUDE THIS IS AWESOME I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU SERIOUSLY. It may seem early but when your sure your sure so congratulations dude this is great. Told you that you would find another girl and this girl seems way better bro. Congratulations once again and keep me posted on your wedding and when its gonna be.
    Hey nothing much bro. Just working out in the house now so I could be in better shape. Working out with weights and doing sit ups and stuff like that. Great that your relaxing. I think your the person who needs to relax the most out of anyone. And great that your getting that thing removed. Just hope nothing goes wrong and your not in pain afterwards.
    Well anything actually lol. I just need money and I would prefer somewhere that I feel the atmosphere is nice. Where I think I'll have fun or something.
    OH YES THANK THE LORD. I was hoping there would be only good news. Hope everything stays like that for you bro. Well nothing much with me. Been getting real hot lately so about to go out and play some sports soon with fam. Gonna get my GED and look for a job too.
    Hey whats up Pachi? Everything going good with your new job or some bad news? I hope no bad news.
    Thanks. Well that is GREAT you got rid of your job and got one just as good. Thats real great and also great that you dont remember anything cause I dont think its something you want to remember. Good Luck with your new job and new girl. Told you that you would find another girl lol.
    OMG dude I don't know what to say at all right now. I'm shocked and thankful. You know I'm really sorry that your partner died but I'm really thankful that it wasn't you who died.Wow I really cannot believe what your telling me right now. As for you quitting your job I don't know if you feel you have to or you want to then do you. But I'm just really thankful your ok man.
    Hey man haven't talked to you in a while. Hows everything going for you right now? Good?
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