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  • I am Able to trade when u are though I will have company over soon. So I might get back to u later then when u post if u are willing to wait
    not sure when you get on but if you can get on before its six p.m. Pacific time i can trade you your female dw ablility eevee
    I'd like both your Dw female Vuplix and Poliwags. I can offer DW Elekid, Bagon, Gligar and Chimchar in return as well as various leftovers from my breeding with great IVs many have 3 or more stats that are a 31. Of them I can give. Riolu, Skorupi, Gastly, Starly, Mienfoo, Zorua, Eevee and various others. Many of which are ready for EV training with attacking and speed stats at 31 each and with a good nature for sweepers, namely Gastly, Starly and 2 Axew. I'll have to do the trade some time today or wait for a few weeks. I'll be online all day though.
    Hi can i trade for your DW female Vulpix n Poliwag? i have been exploring DW so far with no luck. I can trade u anything non-DW n breedable.... Just ask n i see what i can do.. Please help...:)
    Do you still need black exclusive pokemons? Are you still trading them for a zorua? If so, please PM me.
    can you give me a level 1 male zorua it doesnt need any cool moves, just a baby i can give snivy or tepig. PLEASE??
    Hmm I just got out of Chem lab we had an exam and It was important and I just got Black and I'm on my way home. R u gonna be up much longer? I gotta beat Cilan and get pal pad before an exchange right?
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