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  • Hey I know you don't know me but I'm looking to switch Pokemon from my black to my white and I need someone to help me transfer. I mainly only want to transfer legendaries. But you can have your pick from one for helping me. I would really appreciate it :)
    Yeah either the Dw larvitar or Dw Chansey will be great, (I already have heaps of Rng'd DW Bagons with Dragon Dance)
    Well, in the last 3 hours, I just got a Shiny Flawless Adamant Axew and Trapinch. (SP. Atk on both are low, but that doesn't matter.)
    I'm really just looking for a blue Pokemon team lol
    I don't have an Aipom on me at the moment. =/ If you do, I might be able to.
    But currently I'm trying to RNG a full team for myself, so it might take a week or so.
    It depends, what request would you make?
    I just learned how yesterday ^.^

    I've gotten a Shiny Flawless:
    Timid Drought Female Vulpix (w/ Hypnosis)
    Timid Flash Fire Female Vulpix (w/ Hypnosis)
    Timid Run Away Male Eevee (w/ Wish)

    Are you interested in any of those? :3
    Do you care if your Burmy is lv 24 UT from daycare and your Torkoal is lv 17 UT from the daycare? If it's a problem I can breed you new ones.
    Usually I'd take four for one since they're flawless events, but you seem nice so I'll agree on 2 for 1.

    Can you list any DWF you have that I don't have in my list? (my list is alphabetical if that helps your search at all :3 )

    2537 6620 7919
    Hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I just don't see 1 Event : 1 DW being a fair trade at all. >.<
    If you're willing to do 1 Flawless event : 4 DWF, sure.
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