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  • Also I'll reactivate it briefly so I can copy the usernames of my watchers and the people I'm watching that way I don't forget anybody.
    Do you guys think I should get a new dA account with a new username in place of reactivating the old one? My parents checked the site for the 5th time in 2 weeks and I don't think reactivating it is a smart idea anymore. Either way I would still like to be addressed by paintingeevee since I have grown quite fond of the nicknames that have sprouted from it. That and I could say the nickname is from my Serebii account XD

    Yep, though the way he words it makes it sound to outsiders that he really is doing the best for me. But once I tell my side their opinion usually changes instantly. Either way I wouldn't ever get into drugs because I have so much to look forward to. I forgot, have you seen the finished version of your's and Tec's birthday drawing?
    "Don't have a life son! Your happiness doesn't matter! Just don't blame me when you get into drugs because you have no form of release, relief, or desire to be alive!" I take it he's something like that?
    Exactly, being too strict ruins relationships. No, and it's my dad wanting me to not do any of this stuff and focus on only homework.
    Yeah. Some people need to understand that their kids need happiness as well. Has your mom been reading that Tiger Mom book or something? XD
    After reading your conversation with Knighty, I mean no offense by this, but I think your parents are... Well... Overprotective and ignorant. That's how it sounds. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Glad to hear that you'll still have some access. Haven't forgotten what I promised you, man. :) And, I wish you the best of luck with getting to the hangout this Friday.
    Ok, you can either see it now on my tumblr, or you can wait and be surprised when I show you both at the meeting... Haha! I don't know any if the reason why, and I'm not sure if I want to know... XD. Anyways, hopefully I'll see you at the meeting!

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