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  • Jirachi Cover's Rayquaza's weaknesses. They go hand in hand... well technically, Salamence, and Jirachi are the ones who go hand in hand,but Rayquaza,is basically an Uber version of it. Your Jirachi should be a Wish-Rachi (Just check Smogon)
    D= LOTTO? That is ridiculous they should have put it up before people made the journey. I didn't know it would be THAT unfair. lets hope enough complaints are made so it's changed for next time and that everyone who made the big journeys like you can have a proper chance. Or for closer venues at least! Lotto, who ever thought of that should be neutered.

    Yeah at least you got a shiney out of it =P one shiney i do not have.
    hello i just looked at your sig and got interested, may i ask what happened at the video game championships that was so unfair? I can't get to one atall too much money and i didn't really have the time to train wonderful pokemon. :p
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