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Last Activity:
Jan 2, 2013
Jul 22, 2009
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Pokemon master

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PAKEPAKE was last seen:
Jan 2, 2013
    1. cyotekid
      Hey man! I love your posts!reply back!
    2. Adelaide1994
      Hey FAKEFAKE.......
      I love how much you try and bring us pearlshippers down with your USUAL NONSENSE time after time and FAIL EPICLY and MISERABLY. hahaha, ive never seen an unstable human being as yourself, go to such lengths to bring us down. irst the stuid comment you made o page 26 I believe, thatKaze no Message is a penguinshipping song.. ahahaha.

      then second after we got the Togekiss hint, you tried desperately to rove that kenny will appear in dawn's final contest, which lead to another fail.....

      And now, after we gt rid of Penguinshipping, wth Kenny's EPIC loss, you say that "Dawn is a lesbian who loves Zoey and Ursula.
      She doesn't associate with other boys"... AHAHAHAHA, you just contradicted what you believed in the beginning....

      I lovve it, how a sweet and awesome character is giving you sleepless nights and how pearl is getting to your mind... with penguin gone, there is NOTHING to stop us.. so i suggest you take a sleep for the next month and a half, to avoid humiliation...

      I dont even care anymore if im banned, because i was loyal to my ship and not jumping on the penguin and IKARI bandwagon.......

      then again, youll delete this ost, because youre a HUGE COWARD and a failure of a HUMAN BEING....
      you cant even take backlash
    3. Torpoleon
      Please, why the hell are you so annoying? I always shudder before I look at your posts and I have a good reason. I doubt your a spambot, you're just an annoying human. Do you have something against the forum? Is that why you have unintelligent posts? If you change, we can be friends and I wont PM a PAD mod about your next dumb posts. (I have reported two, just so you know.)
      How in the hell did u get banned?!
    5. Torpoleon
      Could you please put the reliable source that ypu get information from like for instance when you said Ursula would have Plusle and Minun way back, you had to tell us the reliable source. You remind me of brick walls.
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