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Recent content by Palamon

  1. Palamon

    OPINION: Should the Noble bosses be nerfed?

    Hmm, no, I don't think the Noble boss Pokemon should be nerfed. This was one of the things that actually made Pokemon challenging, and nerfing them would just kill it for me. Although, the amount of damage Arceus does to you, that I do think should be nerfed. I am so frustrated by that boss...
  2. Palamon

    Weird moves certain Pokemon can or cannot learn

    It has talons, though. So, it's not weird it can learn close combat.
  3. Palamon

    How do you cope with stress?

    Ripping my hair out. It's not a healthy habit, I but that's how I cope, I guess.
  4. Palamon

    What upcoming video games are you looking forward to?

    Hmm, right now? Only Wuthering waves and the Tales of Symphonia Switch port. And of course, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Nothing else, really. Besides Pokemon, I really only play mobile gacha games and occasionally tales games. But, occasionally, I'll play other things here and there (like Twewy...
  5. Palamon

    I find these spam bots that post on the forums constantly quite annoying. Isn't there any way to...

    I find these spam bots that post on the forums constantly quite annoying. Isn't there any way to introduce some sort of way to make it harder for them to sign up on the forums? Like, a captcha question, something a robot would not be able to answer? Or can these spam bots defeat the captcha...
  6. Palamon

    How do you consistently receive high berry yields?

    Pretty sure there's no way to guarantee it, as it's random.
  7. Palamon

    Which games had the best story?

    Highest quality story would have to generation five as a whole. Had a pretty good story going on. But, Platinum had a great one, as well. While Generation 7 was handholdy, I actually really liked US/UM's plot much more than S/M. Also, I'm one of the odd ones out, but I actually liked...
  8. Palamon

    How Different Was SPPF from when you first joined?

    Wow, what nostalgia. I remember social groups! I remember the rule of not allowing single Pokemon social groups and mods would delete any that broke the rules immediately. I had a Treecko social group back in the day (I think) that god deleted. I remember clubs used to be pretty popular here...
  9. Palamon

    Once you finish your game, what do you do afterwards?

    I usually do the post game stuff, but after that, I don't really touch the game unless I like it enough. But, I did Ultra Wormhole shiny hunt in Ultra Moon way after I beat the post game. But, it's rare I do that. I feel there's much less to do in the newer Pokemon games after you beat them tbh...
  10. Palamon

    What’s your dream video game?

    I've heard of that one. I just wish there were more than that particular one. I'll check it out, though, I see it has a Switch release.
  11. Palamon

    What’s your dream video game?

    A video game with a trans main character in some way. A new property. That's a pipe dream, though, isn't it?
  12. Palamon

    Volume 62 Discussion

    Seeing Whitley with Delphox makes me want to go back and reread the x/y chapters when Viz reprints them into big books. Also, is this the first time Florges appeared in the manga?
  13. Palamon

    Rumors & Leaks - Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ FIRST POST for Kaka Leaks]

    So, not a single Switch game, then. Then, I hope this leak is true.
  14. Palamon

    Rumors & Leaks - Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ FIRST POST for Kaka Leaks]

    Really? I hope so. I can't remember the last game they were available in...
  15. Palamon

    What is your oldest Pokémon game memory?

    Pokemon Diamond was my first Pokemon game I owned. I remember picking my first starter, Turtwig. *My first actual starter was Treecko but that was a borrowed game.