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  • Sorry, I totally forgot my VM was "friends-only". ^_^' Well, now it's for everyone (I guess and hope). :p

    Yes, "a sex slave in need is a sex slave indeed". XD Yeah, I'm also always thinking about anything dirty. When I (example) saw that Cynthia knows Cyrus (already), I thought "Oh boy! They had so sexcellent and hard night that Cyrus is all happy and insane, and Cynthia is tired like... it would had been her first time!" =P
    O.O I hope the dodgy part of my mind isn't right in assuming what you mean by that.
    I'm 15, having one very dirty and sexy mind, loving having "licky" sex with hotties and coolies, and I think that "girl's fun" with those two is sexcellent! ;D = Oh yes! The part of your mind was totally right! =D
    Diglett learning Fly would not make sense, as it is not even Flying-Type. You could have used a better example. Besides, you know what I meant.
    It's in honour of the Pt team I'm building (I'm gonna EV 'em and then trade 'em over, mwahahahaha!) it has basically all my favs in it XP:

    But Rhyperior is still, I think, my joint favourite with Zangoose.
    To avoide spamming in Yonowaru's thread, actually it's Amber's Kingler :p and yes, he does. You can expect that to be something of a recurring theme XD.
    ........YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!..... Now that that's out of my system, thankyou x infinity! (I'm to lazy type out enough to do it justice :p) I have two nominations for "Best New Writer" now, that means I got onto the second stage! PHWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
    BTW Wanna be friends?
    Thankyou so much again,
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