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  • Haha, none, but then I guess I would need to drive more often than I do to do that now wouldn't I?
    Don't. It's so pretty. I had to cut mine to just above my shoulders for months though, because it was so screwed. I almost got the last of the damage out which means in a few weeks I can dye it to the same red as my South Park profile pic thing
    Not so much a profit as breaking even on the petrol money, but that is enough to satisfy me.
    Because they love the look of greasy hair? Actually when my hair was pink I only washed it twice a week because I had bleached it so much and it was so damaged
    Lol now now, dont be impatient xD; Rome wasn't built in a day, but then again, since when does anyone care about building rome.

    I saw that sketch posted on Waylt. Fairly interesting
    Well, combined the tickets are probably $30 a week, and I spend less than that on petrol, which is then helped even more by taking others to uni and getting them to pay for petrol.
    Yeah, I think I lucked out with that, seeing as it is likely that the cost of bus + train is probably higher due to me having to go in the opposite direction to my uni to get to the train station combined with the fact I use the petrol for pretty much nothing else, so it lasts a hell of a lot longer.
    I feel exactly the same way, but I much prefer driving to uni than having to catch a combination of a bus and a train, not only that but I managed to work out that it is cheaper to drive, so that is yet another bonus.
    Eh, ours has two levels after learner before a full license, but there is not much of a downside to that except for the fact that police pick on you more...
    Yes, that's why I repeated myself.

    If you're in bed, online, listening to music, eating food, and drinking tea, what sort of doing-learning could you be doing and learning besides how to be in bed, online, listening to music, eating food, and drinking tea?
    What is the system like in NZ anyway, are there levels after learner or do you just go straight to your full license?
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