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  • If you do though you should probably make sure people tell you that they use the email, or else you'll get emails from people and not know who they are.
    Yes I just went blaaah over my keyboard.

    oh and how i knew that she was gonna do this to him and what was the trick she played i'll tell you well she tried to do the same thing to me but made the mistake of thinking she was gonna play me out so i got smart and flipped the script on her and the trick is you go out with a person that has been liking you for a while get them to do your homework and keep them up all day everyday and make them spend every cent on you and in the end you screw up their grades and use all their money its really a terrible trick but it works and i did it to her cuz she tried to get me but when you get done if you did it right that person should have all F's and no money unlike you having all A's and alot of money
    well my friend went out with my other friend just to play tricks on him for no absolute reason and i tried to warn him that he was treading in dangerous waters with that girl (how do i know i"ll tell you later) but he wouldn't listen to me and kept calling me a liar so i watched her carry him through 5 miles of hell and bring him back and he still didn't piece it togetherso i told him what she did and it literally broke him (to him she was like the reason the sky was blue and only lord knows why)and then she called me a liar so i asked to explain and she pulled out the most out the most outrageous lie so i had to ask her like "who did you think you were playing mind games on cuz i've been doing it for years" so in 30 minutes i destroyed both my friends so im debating on if i should apologize or not what do you think i should do
    my brother is so ignorant he's playing a game online and is talking about everyone over the little microphone eventhough it is kinda funny sooooooooooooooooo watcha doin
    oh and sorry if i seemed rude it tends to happen without me even noticing it. its a bad habbit im sure alot of us have flaws (and i love mine)
    actually not to seem rude but YES i do ask everyone that but since you explained with being a complete ******* like others would i guess i could say HI and what friend are you talking about i got alot
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