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  • Wow, sounds like you've had a lot to do. Its sort of the opposite with me, so I've been stuck at home for the past couple of days.

    Anyway, I'll try to get a post up sometime soon.
    what if I just find one in the RPG? cuz if i keep changing the sign-up, it'll seem too random (i.e. Mako's fathers a fisherman, he has some kinda fishing line, he has his own ink poison, but wait! now he's on the baseball team and holds his bat in his school locker...) ...see what I mean.?

    Also, I watched the anime and read some of the mangas, the story is pretty scary as far as any other ones I've seen. If you'd ever have a question about anything, I'm sure I could help!!! XP

    Guess, I'll get on reposting the Sign Up again, see ya when I see ya! :D
    Well, with the fishing line thing, i was going to use it as a sort of weapon that ties people up and could decapitate them, like i would entangle the line onto them and tie it around a specific part, then Mako would pull really hard and the line would yank off a part part...that' what I was going for there. But if you want me to discard it thats fine.

    Also what about the editing, do you want me to just say i have the line in my bag since it no longer will let me edit anything???
    I sent you a PM the other day...or was it yesterday?...Anyway, I just read over the feedback you gave me for my Sign-Up, but when I tried to edit it, I got that stupid 500 Error again...The PM was just what I was going to edit, but I don't think it got through to you, just check your inbox and tell me if anything is wrong with the new one, Thank You!
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