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Recent content by Panda6243

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    #072 Tentacool / #073 Tentacruel

    Looking for a Tentacool w/ Giga Drain and Rapid spin. Tall Order I know, but I'm willing to trade for it, and I've got both female DW'ers and other things I can offer to sweeten the deal. PM me if you're interested.
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    Bad Habits in Pokémon?

    I always stop to try and catch all the pokemon in an area on my first play through. Not so bad, but when there's an Abra or even in cases like Tornadus it can get a little ridiculous. I tend to not do any ev/nature training on my team until after I've beaten the elite four, then I spend forever...
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    #079 Slowpoke / #080 Slowbro / #199 Slowking

    Slowpoke aquired. Many thanks ShiftyDragonair for the trade.
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    #390 Chimchar / #391 Monferno / #392 Infernape

    Looking for a Dream World Chimchar. I have any of the DW pokemon in my signature that I'm willing to trade. In this case I'm willing to trade multiple for the opportunity. PM me if you're interested! I will breed for nature/moves where able.
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    #393 Piplup / #394 Prinplup / #395 Empoleon

    Looking for a piplup. I am willing to trade any of the dreamworld pokemon in my signature! PM if interested.
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    #446 Munchlax / #143 Snorlax

    I don't think snorlax learns explosion. I didn't see it on the move list on serebii. If it does learn explosion via tm, then I was under the impression both parents needed to have the tm move for it to pass on to offspring. Hope I am not giving you misinformation. Can't do the research at the...
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    Item and Pokerus Thread

    Looking for King's Rock, Water Stone, Fire Stone, and Thunder Stone, Life Orb, Focus Sash and eject button. Willing to trade any of the DW females in my signature, or other options available upon negotiation. PM me if you're interested, I'm fairly accommodating when it comes to request. Response...
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    #446 Munchlax / #143 Snorlax

    Looking for a Munchlax/Snorlax. Not picky as to the specifics. I have all the Dream World pokemon in my signature to offer in trade, plus a few other options. PM me if you're interested. I have a busy couple of days coming up so it may take a bit of time to respond, but I'm willing to consider...
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    #235 Smeargle

    Looking to get a Smeargle. Dream World Female is preferable, any will suffice. Any of the Dream World pokemon in my signature are available to trade. I will be available sporadically throughout the next few days, but I'm happy to take any breeding requests into consideration. PM me if you're...
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    Hooray for MM hunting! Specially for the first time. I don't even know why i bother keeping track of how many eggs I've hatched. The end goal is all that matters right? Well, I think I'm about 50 in, and still full of anticipation with each hatch. =o Hopefully, the same will be said for this...
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    #280 Ralts / #281 Kirlia / #282 Gardevoir / #475 Gallade

    Looking for a Ralts. Any ralts will do. Any of the pokemon in my Sig are Dreamworld for trade. =D PM me if you're interested! I'm happy to accommodate any breeding requests I can. EDIT: Ralts issue resolved. Thanks Bubblez
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    #133-471 Eevee / Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon/ Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon

    Looking for a Dreamworld Female Eevee. Willing to trade any of the DW pokemon in my signature. Happy to go out of my way for any breeding specifics you might want. Send me a PM! I'm quite accommodating! EDIT: Trade completed, thanks Alex048
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    #037 Vulpix / #038 Ninetales

    I have a DW Female Vulpix, and I'm happy to accommodate most breeding requests. Currently I'm seeking a DW female Eevee. I can EV train so long as you're clear on what you want, and I can ensure the Vulpix starts with Pokerus. Check out my signature for any other female DW for breeding you...
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    Woo! Thanks for the trade, much appreciated. Have a great night!

    Woo! Thanks for the trade, much appreciated. Have a great night!
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    Gotcha gotcha, all set.

    Gotcha gotcha, all set.