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  • Hi Pandafoxygirl!
    Thanks for leaving a message / review for me =) But I don't think there's a rule for not reviewing or updating a shipping fic that hasn't had a post for more than a month. That might be a rule for other threads in other other sections of the forum, but it isn't for shipping fics.
    I have been working on the next chapter, but unfortunately, time has been rather... fleeting. I hope I can get up the next chapter by summer time (Sorry for the long wait! ><) But I promise I'll try to write a good quality chapter asap! =)

    Thanks again for reading! =)
    Hi Pandafoxygirl,

    Haha, I wasn't offended at all. Quite the contrary. It is my first fanfic and I really needed all of those comments. I will strive to follow up on those great suggestions. Also, I love talkative people, even though I'm not quite one myself. :) I will definitely come to you with any questions. :]

    lol....same here....but my internet is getting slow because im sharing internet with the neighbourghs (sorry dont know how to spell that)and its getting terribly slow....sometimes i feel like banging my pc..:(
    do you share internet with someone?
    you are lucky...
    i started school this monday (4th of january)
    and PLX I BEG YOU to continue your story....T^T

    I need to outline the story. I think if I had a decent outline to go by then I could probably organize it all a bit better.
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