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  • I like some of them (Beedrill and Metagross) but I can definitely see how mega evolution is a dumb concept. They're kind of overpowered + it's not really evolution if they keep changing back. It should be called defective evolution.
    See.. Also Namco helped them with smash but A game called Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse which is a RPG MMO FIGHTER and Looter (amazing 10/10 game) Came out recently and guess what? NO WII U version even tho the game looks like a Nintendo game. They said: "There's no point on wasting money porting this game over to a Console nobody cares about. And also nobody plays third-party games on nintendo so we will waste money." Damn!... DAMN! Even other third-party developers say the same thing about the wii u... Wow nintendo.... You made a garbage console.
    Let's be honest.. We love the new smash and Mario kart but... The Wii U... Is.... Outdated... Even when it first came out... They should've just waited for the next gen because it last gen now.
    And they did the worst a day one edition consoles. Remember Xbox one when it first came out? How most of the consoles ate CD's? Me to and guess what? NO REFUNDS! GET SOMEBODY ELSE TO "FIX" IT!? Or buy a new one. Because that's how a rice company gets richer. I mean.. Nintendo is doing bad well because they don't do this nor do they force people to pay for online so there economic funds are bad.
    Oh Nintendo is the only nice company to fans and customers. If the was Microsoft or Sony gaming they would say "Oh you console is broken or not working right? Yelp not my problem buy a new one." Then hang up the phone. I shiz you not! They do this so they can make more money and rip people off.
    Eehh I never trust repair places. They say; "We can fix it to the point it's brand new!" Uddee lie. They fix it too the point it "works". That's why I fix my own stuff because I under technology and electronics... Anyway most of the time you waste more money repairing to the point just get a new or used one in good to mid condition.
    I have a feeling I won't like OR as much as X, but without OR, I won't be able to get the new mega evolutions and primal reversions.
    ok, i cleared it, though i got another kingdra (bred TWO more)
    I have an extra horsea 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Sniper Timid, need it
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