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  • Ah. Its good to know I'm not the only one. I'm seriously getting addicted, too much of the 'Pothead' I guess. But I think I should stop for awhile, its taking a lot of my time and many of the stories stay in my head for a long time. Its not a bad thing, but I really don't have the time for it. Nice knowing I'm not the only one :)
    And again you're showing you really are an insecure teenager taking all this so seriously. Chill people have lives you should relax.
    There are plenty of people who are on here at an older age. Just because you get older it doesn't mean you stop playing video games really.
    I think you should look at the last sentence and tell me if you can understand it.

    Yes. I just think that you need to accept where you stand. Your acting kinda full of your self, and i hope that the 15 year old you didn't want you to still be on this site disscussing shows about ponies.
    All I can gather is something about a 15 year old or some crap
    Little girl I don't think you should be sitting here telling someone what to do and make assumptions about a person's life. Considering where we are posting this is pretty dumb.
    And apparently you can't read well because I'm mentioning it's made for kids so obviously it's childish. This is also coming from someone actively posting first against someone who wasn't even arguing said point in the first place. tl;dr U mad?
    That doesn't change the point when there are threads made for adventure time or power rangers. Being afraid of watching something made for children is much more childish tbh.
    And the difference between this and subforums dedicated to a kids shows is?
    Well I'm sorry I was able to catch all of one episode of this show and not hate it. It's a good thing for kids to watch.
    Haha, I loved that picture immediately when I saw it. Although, I could have sworn the original one I saw said, "Just think, what would Harry Potter do?"
    Haha, which part of it? I personally think the quote is a little goofy, but I can see how the picture could be scary. :p
    He brought it on himself.xD He went to appear on CSI again despite being told his character would be killed off...haha
    Don't worry.... I'm only kidding about the whole thing but I have to admit, my signature is pretty damn funny.haha
    Why couldn't he cut it short, he looks like an damn alien.lol At least he doesn't look like an effing girl now.haha
    Dang.lol Glad it worked out well for you. Thanks for the feedback about the girl.;)
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