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    Thank you heaps for the lovely comment you made on my thread~! I'm glad that someone appreicates the back spike on Charmander, too. Some people who post on my thread keep going "the bump on his back is wierd" yet they don't realise it's there for a reason. ;O;
    I'm not bald I have hair but they like to joke around saying I'm bald. Its just real light and short. Well it was real nice and fun talkin to you. Probably gonna talk to you tomorrow. Night!
    Awww man I would love that. Then I wouldn't have to pay. I would say I don't have to go any where but I don't live with him.
    lol Its not like I'm some hairy man or something. I may be 18 but I look young. And I take real good care of my hair/facial hair. I get a haircut every week. Always gotta look good ;)
    lol Thats no excuse when I was born I had a moustache lol. For real. And gonna check your post right now.
    Yeah I just saw and what I meant was exactly like in the guys vid. But I think your theory might be correct. I just didn't even want to try to trade the pokemon because I didn't want to lose it or get a pokemon that was gonna like destroy my game or something.
    Oh I had one on JP Diamond and I traded it over. Uhhh try looking at like Palkia and Dialga or pokes like that.
    Well I was looking for a Mew and they wanted a Scyther and the pic was a Scyther not a Mew. But the name said Mew for the pokemon. I want to trade because I want a Mew but too scared too. And forgot what other pokemon I was looking for but they wanted Ho-oh and the pic was Ho-oh but that wasn't the pokemon I was looking for. Try looking at legends and starters and kinda hard to find pokemon such as Tropius.
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