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Dec 16, 2012
Aug 28, 2011
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paracelsus was last seen:
Dec 16, 2012
    1. Profesco
      I'm not an admin; just a regular mod. And you are always welcome to VM or PM me, about anything. =)
    2. Profesco
      How you have gone this long without sinking up to your eyes in infractions is beyond me. I am referring to your multiple attempts at starting arguments with people. I can't tell if your trolling, venting over a bad day, or just stupid, but it is annoying the living crap out of me, and most likely doing the same to the other people commenting on this forum
      If the Misc section mods couldn't recognize a joke, this entire section would already be an ashen crater. I'm afraid you have fallen, quite surprisingly and quite wholly, for some grade-school teasing. Except for maybe MissDigitalis's posts (and yours, I suppose), there hasn't yet been a single serious remark made in that thread. Your time spent reading it will be much more enjoyable if you laugh rather than cry, I promise. =)
    3. Squirel Princess
      Squirel Princess
    4. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      You have Gamestop Deoxys? What nature is it, and is it UT?
      (I have both legitimate Manaphy and Arceus)
    5. paracelsus
      Issues have been resolved, a friend lied and said he could RNG, then hacked me a pokemon. I assumed he was telling the truth, so I traded it. Trade backs have been done
    6. [GS]
      Go to the thread, read the charges against you and explain.
    7. [GS]
      Your name has been brought up in the Blacklist thread, please come and
      explain your side of the situation.

      You have 4 days to respond or you will be automatically Blacklisted.
    8. paracelsus
      Not sure, didn't keep track of the EVs. its overall is above average though
    9. 00swms
      Meet me on ALpha Sever please
    10. Reborn_Silver
      go to my statistics on my page, and find chaos theory. srry but i cant post the link from my 3ds...
    11. Gorandon
      Hey would you like to join http://www.nintendo-city.com/ its a pretty neat and new site that needs some new members. sorry if i bothered you or anything like that i tend to do that a lot =/ but it would really help out if you joined!
    12. Reborn_Silver
      haha sweet! go to our thread and sign up! tell them i sent you tho!
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