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  • The reason I made that thread was because no one in the "star wars" thread watches the actual show. The only reason that thread is even there is because new movies were announced.
    Pokémon has the worst fanbase ever. Copy and paste this into your signature if you agree.
    Well, the main problem is that many of those metagames are not balanced competitive metagames, and they're honestly quite gimmicky. They'd be great for a random clan tournament or something, but I'm not sure if it'd be worth an entire discussion thread to talk about them.
    I personally think it's fine, it offers a lot of information. I think people have an issue with it just because they think it's PokeDex 3D with the rest of the Pokemon, and don't realize everything else it's got.
    I'd give up with telling people to stay on topic. Mini-modding will get you just as many infraction points as spamming, and it doesn't work anyway. Besides which, it's really not that big a deal so there's no sense going through all the trouble of trying.
    I think I'm begining to piece together what you meant...(me being slow and all.) you quoted that quote because I said "I'm not even a brony", and yet, in my siggy, I had my little pony as a place of "inspiration". which didn't make sense and sounded like I was kind of contradicting my own likes.
    Amiright or not? xD;
    I wouldn't even say fanart. (I guess it is...but lol.) they pieced together a couple shows and put it there together.
    I liked the quote and the meaning so I used it as a siggy to "spread the word" in a sense. I found it through facebook and uploaded it to photobucket. tis what I always do whenever i get something I want to use as a siggy pic. The place where I found it did not make it, so I can't really reference somebody...
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