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  • Hmm, if it's exactly at that time I can maybe make it work my Friday morning (your Thu evening?). I don't have any lessons that day so I could probably come a bit later. Either that or just wait til the next day haha. My weekend looks clear so far so I'll be around at my weekend times on Sat.
    Assuming you didn't convert what I said into your time zone. 6:30 PM for you is 7:30 AM for me so that's a bit too late. You can't swing 6 PM your time (7 AM mine)?
    Hiya! No worries, I was in the same boat which is why I missed you. @w@ Hmm, unlikely as I don't have much time in the mornings, but could maaaaaybe swing something quick. How early are we talking? I have to be out of the house absolutely no later than 7:30 AM so it would have to be like, right at 7.
    Cool! I am around for awhile today if you wanna do it soon, otherwise I could maybe swing it tomorrow depending on the time.
    Sure! That's worth a little extra tho right? What else would you want?
    That's alright! Hmm, I'll look at your lists and let you know. (Still sad the KOR dogs won't trade over. ;-; )
    Darn, that is actually my morning which I coulda swung but it's 7:30-10 AM and I need to be out of the house by 7:30. @@ I'm not sure what my Sat looks like right now, but if it's clear that is the time yes! I'll get back to you on my schedule.
    Hey, uh, about the Lunar Magikarp, did you notice that the date is 2/7/16, when the event was 1/26/17-2/6/17? It is also 6IV on top of that so, I'm thinking it was hacked.
    Uhh lemme see...The only one is the Shiny Piplup due to it's rarity, if that's okay!
    WHEW, thank you for the trade! Sorry about the dogs, if it ever gets fixed I would be interested in trading for them. ;w;
    Weird. @@ Alright, in that case it'll be the last three in the list (so Milotic, Duskull and Absol).
    K so according to the net, it seems maybe GameFreak never removed the ban on some Pokemon (which I think they imposed way back when Bank wasn't available?) so I think that's why the dogs won't come over. Super bummer since I really wanted them. @@
    Any preference on which PCNY Pokemon I leave off?
    Can do! I'm not finding anything as to why they can't be traded for now...You've been able to trade them before yeah? Not sure what would be different now.
    Also what's the message it says for you? I was getting "There is a problem with trading the partner's Pokemon" or something like that.
    Whatever is fine, if you have a rando! Yeah strange, I'm not sure what's up, I'll look into it on the net. Also slightly out of order now, we should be up to the German Chariard minus Tyranitar. @w@
    You sent the Tyranitar back? It's on the list of stuff you asked for, so I'm not sure what's up there.
    Well, looks like the other person disappeared, so I'll send you a request in a sec!
    Cool! I have to do that software update and then trade with someone else first, but should be ready after that. @w@
    Hi! Didn't end up doing cloning last night so finishing that up. Events are in order of how they were in my boxes, so I'll be sending them over in this order:

    Yup that's totally good! That is actually 10 AM my time so it's perfect! I'll just clone everything tonight to make it easier. xD
    You mean Latias (the ones in Fast/Premiere balls)? I know you said you weren't interested in Latios who's in a Dusk Ball.
    I will be around from 10 AM my time yes! I have an event in the afternoon though so I may not be around ALL day (probably at least til noon but not sure after that).
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