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    ~One Piece: Bastion of the Tormented~ ((Sign Ups))

    Do we have to have devil fruits, or can we have zoan weapons? Does our Rp sample have to be in context? Also, can I reserve as an open slot? Salvage/scholar
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    ~One Piece: Bastion of the Tormented~ ((Sign Ups))

    Could I possibly reserve a place as the Chef? I have a question however, are we allowed to use canon devil fruits or are we limited to ones of our own creation?
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    Kingdom Hearts Shining Saga[Registration]

    May I also reserve as a Keyblade wielder?
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    Name: Soul Dereshi Age: 17 Gender: Male City: Mahogany Town Type: Ice Appearance: Soul has a relatively normal appearance. He stands, at full height, about six feet seven inches. Souls hair is chin length and very straight, it’s color being a pale shade of violet. His hair covers...
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    Official "Claim your Favourite Game Character" Thread - V.4

    Demyx/ Kingdom Hearts II - Parasite [3/2/10]
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    Smash Bros. Dojo! (RP thread)

    Evan looked over to the doorknob and saw it jiggle. He then heard someone fumble with their key and open it. When it opened, A young man with short brown hair waltz in, greeting himself with the name, "Steve". Evan watched the young man, staying silent. Evan noticed his nose crinkle slightly at...
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    Smash Bros. Dojo! (RP thread)

    Evan Diana/Fire Storm Triforce Dorm 1:01 P.M. Evan placed his arm on his knee and rested his face in his hand, He was becoming rather bored with the staff’s speech, so he found interest in other things. Evans eyes hovered over the room. People, like himself, where becoming restless. Many of...
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    Smash Bros. Dojo!!! Discussion thread.

    Fire and Lightning for the win! I'm not sure who would make a good match, But I wouldn't mind versing Absolute Zero or The Black glove. Heres what the fire generation part of my abilities looks like; http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/souleater/images/a/ab/Kilik.jpg Please note, it is...
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    Smash Bros. Dojo!!! Discussion thread.

    I noticed that you mentioned that some of the teachers go 'out', does that mean students can visit towns on weekends? Also, will this be like a normal school, with subjects such as math or science, or gym?
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    Smash Bros. Dojo!!! Discussion thread.

    Sorry, I should have explained myself, I mean seeing as we have nine members, what will be happening with the dorms? Will there still be two to a dorm, while one person gets their own? Or will three people share?
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    Smash Bros. Dojo!!! Discussion thread.

    Is there an absolute limit on the amount of people per dorm? I am asking this incase no more people sign-up, making our numbers uneven.
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    RPG Ideas and Wishes

    If anyone wants to do this, the ideas here, Basically I'm proposing a soul eater rp, probably about school life and missions (the plot is really up to you). The hardest thing in a soul eater rp would probably be the different classes. I was thinking that people would reserve first then decide...
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    Smash Bros. Dojo

    Name - Evan Diana Gender- Male Age- 17 Description – Evan stands at around six foot eleven and has a slim yet slightly muscular build, giving him a lean and healthy appearance. He has straight, pale purple hair that is rather long. The front is much longer than the back, going down about two...
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    Naruto: Contest of peace

    zandgaia: denied Maybe just ad one or two more lines of history, please. |xDarknessx|: Pending Could you please describe your character a bit more, also describe your attacks more. Feraligatr12: denied just so you know, shadow clones aren't that expendable, so most of you ninjutsu needs to be...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Renegades

    Xhuan, Renegade (Knows about the renegades but has not seen or heard from them) Twilight Town (woods) A cool breeze swept through the forest, disrupting the silence and causing the trees to shake their branches in retaliation. The forest floor was bare, apart from a beige-yellow tent which...