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  • Tip 1 & 2

    Make sure the shade is under a each pixel and not over it.
    Put the lightest colour for above the darkest.
    And...dun,this is my new Cleffa badge,and for this i have got sum tips ill post in a minute when ive finished putting the pictures of them on my piczo.
    Sure.When your doing the outline,its easier to copy and paste it instead of scratching the other side and when your doing the shading make sure it goes, medium,small,big,small medium.By the way which badges do u mean?HGSS or platinum?
    Sorry, I've been away all week and inactive since the holidays started. I'll try and be on as soon as possible.
    I hope you don't mind the green background. I couldn't get it transparent b/c when i went to animate it showed up with black background. I thought you was using here so i made it green. And can u give me credit. I didn't want people on serebii asking me to do some animations
    It's not harder; it just looks harder. It's a deceptively simple thing, really, once you get going with one. Don't let them intimidate you because they're actual pen-and-paint artwork; they're really just a bunch of pixels when you think about it.
    Yes. I would suggest the Sugimori art for starters, which can be found in most sprite resources, including Pokemonelite2000. These are far easier to outline and whatnot more so than the sprites, so you should find this to be vastly easier. If not, then quite possibly you have no capacity for pixel-overing. XD I'm just kidding. Seriously, you really should find them to be easier. I use the Sugimori art for almost all of my pixel-overs, so I know what I'm talking about on that front. Give it a shot.
    So are you resizing a sprite to pixel-over? If so, I wouldn't do that. That may be why you're facing troubles. They're too hard to outline and end up looking odd, unless you have a lot of practice. I don't do them myself, though I have seen them done by others.
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